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How tech is changing digital marketing in 2022

Research suggests that a good digital marketing strategy can increase revenues by 5-8% over 12 months. So if you start now, you could see significant growth by the end of the year. So what makes a great digital marketing strategy? The key is to stay ahead of trends, maintain changing customer behavior, and adopt new strategies before your competitors catch wind of these rapid market shifts.

Here are the main digital marketing tech trends to watch this year.

The Dawn of the Metaverse

In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, referring to the metaverse. It’s reasonable to conclude, then, that the metaverse will take off in 2022, and online businesses will have to factor this into their digital marketing strategy. So how can you use emerging VR and AR technologies to hook your audience?

The line between real life and the online world is becoming blurred. Users this year want to try a product out before they buy it virtually and want more immersive experiences when visiting websites. The companies that adopt this metaverse technology early will race ahead of everyone else.

The Role of Humans is Changing

Digital marketers need not worry about their jobs this year. According to LinkedIn, digital skills are more in demand than any other, which will continue to be the case this year. However, there is still a large gap between the number of digital marketers businesses want and how many fully qualified job seekers are available.

However, the role of human digital marketing professionals will change substantially throughout 2022. Automation and artificial intelligence will continue to take over more data gathering and analysis jobs. Humans, then, will have to adopt a more strategic mindset. The marketing tools are there for everybody to use. Those who use them most smartly will see the greatest rewards.

Algorithms Everywhere

Algorithms dictate our online worlds. You may know about the Google algorithm or the Facebook algorithm, but in 2022, this word will be everywhere. Even email inboxes are ordered by an algorithm rather than chronologically. While this may be based on keywords or backlinks, the most important factor will be user experience this year.

If you’re looking to improve your understanding of algorithms, get in touch with a social media agency. They’ve been using them longer than anyone. Understanding the algorithm is essential even if you’re only interested in email marketing or paid ads. Talk to experts who can ensure that your content is optimized for user experience.

Technology can be difficult to predict, but the above trends should show you where to keep your eyes peeled. The metaverse will surely profoundly impact how digital marketing is carried out, while the rise of AI and algorithms in more places also poses challenges and opportunities. Assess your role as a business and work with digital marketing agencies to help you use technology to optimize your success.
by Ryan Adams