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Supply Partners

We guarantee quality, reach and transparency.

Premium Inventory

We work with a range of SSP (supply-side platform) partners to enable advertisers to get quality traffic in lower rates as much as possible. We are constantly adding new SSP partners to improve the performance of our advertising platform. Our goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing sites and apps.

Transparent Traffic

PPCmate provides advertisers and agencies 100% full transparency in order to make smart media buying decisions. Our advertising platform gives you complete visibility and full cost control. We offer cross-publisher media buying in real time with access to all relevant sources of inventory.

…and many more!

State-of-Art Technology and Flexible Platform

With our internal and our third party protection services, we are constantly monitoring all ads and
traffic sources to ensure immediate action is taken to prevent any harm in our network.


comScore is a global media measurement and analytics company that makes audiences and advertising more valuable. comScore helps advertisers to understand their audiences and know if their advertising is working.

The Media Trust

More than 250 ad networks and exchanges rely on The Media Trust to conduct rigorous, 24/7 quality assurance on all ads running through their platforms. The enormous volume of ads successfully served each day is proof that this model works and works well.


Adometry by Google enables you to gain a holistic view of what’s driving performance within and across all of your channels. This advanced methodology enables you to make cross-channel decisions and drive greater returns on marketing investments.

Brand-Safe Advertising Environment

Brand-Safe Advertising Environment

PPCmate provides quality traffic to its users. We have zero tolerance on users abusing our service with malware and deceptive advertising as it violates our agreement. We do our best in providing exceptional service and will take immediate action when any illegal activities are detected, to protect your privacy. We impose quality control through:

  • High traffic quality deliverability
  • Advanced fraud and malware detection system
  • Detailed manual review on each and every ad before verification
  • Monitoring quality process through third – party testing

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