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Boost Your Website Traffic

Our DSP-in-a-box delivers all the tools you’ll ever need for programmatic advertising

Do You Need Web Traffic?

We have lots of traffic inventory, ready to go.

PPCmate is directly connected to a wide range of SSPs and real-time exchanges to secure the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps, at the cheapest rates possible.


We can deliver up to one billion unique visitors
on a monthly basis.


Our platform has connected more than 200 advertising supply sources.


We are delivering web traffic from 98% of global visitors, desktop and mobile.


We provide the most effective and popular advertising formats on the Web.


Receive up to 28% cash back on advertising credits, every time you deposit.

Reach Any Advertising Goal

Start reaching your advertising objectives with PPCmate and boost your ROI today!

eCommerce Sales

Boost your e-shop locally or internationally, find
new customers and receive new orders.

Website Traffic

Boost your website’s online presence, get
new visitors and increase engagement.

Affiliate Links

Boost your revenue from affiliate programs
and networks, and monetize your links.

Mobile Apps

Boost your mobile app’s downloads and
installs on Google Play and App Store.

Brand Awareness

Boost your brand’s awareness and recognition,
in a brand-safe environment.

Video Views

Boost your YouTube and Instagram videos,
and get new fans, subscribers, and likes.

Lead Generation

Boost your lead generation and conversions
with our RTB advertising platform.

Social Media

Boost your social media presence, and
gain followers, subscribers, and likes.

Boost Anything!

Boost any mainstream advertising goal and
strategy, just let us know how we can help.

Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Our Marketing Experts will assist you to build successful advertising campaigns.

Large-Scale Advertising

Advertise on all major traffic networks
of the Web from one user interface.

Conversion Tracking

Add the script code to your website and
track the conversions instantly.

Campaign Goals

Set goals by impressions, clicks, site
engagement and conversions.

Device Targeting

Target mobile, tablet and desktop
devices via operating systems.

Geo Targeting

Receive traffic from specific countries,
states, cities or DMA regions.

Browser Targeting

Get visitors from specific browsers
or make an exclusion list.

Real-Time Reports

Get statistics in real-time on clicks,
converts, impressions and bids.

Smart Optimization

Our DSP will automatically optimize bid
rates based on current volumes.

Dedicated Support

Our support team is ready to provide
dedicated assistance for you 24/7.

White Label DSP

Start your own programmatic advertising business.

Digital Advertising Made Easy

We provide the most effective advertising formats for the highest ROI.

Push Notification

Push Notification

Push Notification is an innovative and user-friendly way to connect with your targeted audience. You can increase engagement with your content and provide a positive user experience to your customers.

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A fullscreen window that opens behind the browser window of a website. In contrast to a pop-up ad, which opens over the browser window, a pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows.

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Native advertising is the integration of marketing content with a website or service in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the material presented in terms of its content or style. Native ads are more engaging than banners.

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Display or banner is one of the most popular methods of digital advertising. Display advertising creates brand awareness and recognition. PPCmate advertising platform supports all standard IAB banner sizes.

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Traffic Quality is Verified by Adscore and MaxMind

Adscore's and Maxmind's mission is to categorize web traffic that is organically generated or purchased by your business.
It detects the following categories of traffic: human, proxy, low quality, and of course, bots.

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