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Non-Profit Support

Maximize your impact and minimize your advertising spending with PPCmate.

Save up to 30% on your advertising goals!

Get an exclusive nonprofit discount on all our marketing and advertising services.
PPCmate helps eligible organizations save up to 30% for their advertising goals.

Benefits and Services

Free Marketing Plan

Let us know your advertising goals and we will craft a marketing plan for you.

Free Ad Credits

We provide an easy and guaranteed way to revenue from multiple sources.

Free Creative Design

We will help you to design creative banners for your advertising campaigns.

Free VIP Support

Enjoy the privileges of our VIP support channels, including Skype, Zoom, and more.

Who can apply for
the Non-Profit Support program?


Nonprofit Organizations are dedicated to addressing various social, cultural, or environmental issues. At PPCmate, we proudly support NPOs by providing our marketing services. They typically operate without the goal of financial gain and rely on fundraising, grants, and donations to support their missions.


Non-Governmental Organizations are independent, non-state entities that focus on humanitarian, developmental, or advocacy efforts. At PPCmate, we collaborate with NGOs to promote positive change at local, national, or international levels through our marketing services.


Charities aim to alleviate suffering, support those in need, and make a positive impact on society. At PPCmate, we are committed to supporting charities by providing our marketing services. They rely on the generosity of donors to fund their charitable activities.

Religious Organizations

Religious Organizations are affiliated with specific faiths and serve various spiritual and community functions. At PPCmate, we assist religious organizations by providing marketing services that align with their faith-based initiatives. These may include outreach programs, fundraising campaigns, and community engagement.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions encompass schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. At PPCmate, we understand the importance of education and offer marketing services to help these institutions attract students, faculty, or funding. We support their mission to provide structured learning opportunities.

Environmental Organizations

Organizations dedicated to safeguarding the environment. At PPCmate, we are passionate about environmental conservation and proudly work with these organizations. Our marketing services support their activities, which include conservation efforts, sustainability advocacy, and environmental education to protect natural resources and ecosystems.

How to Apply?

Contact PPCmate

Submit our contact form and one of
our associates will contact you with
additional information request.

Receive Discount

After verification, we will send you an exclusive discount code that you can benefit from
all our advertising services.

Start Advertising

Start advertising with PPCmate’s advertising solutions and achieve your marketing
goals 30% cheaper!

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Enhance your outreach, keep expenses down, and enjoy exclusive discounts of up to
30% to kickstart your journey toward more affordable advertising success.