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Ad Networks

Connect your programmatic supply and maximize your advertising value.

Join our programmatic supply network to supercharge your advertising potential. PPCmate is seamlessly linked with top-tier demand partners and offers a diverse array of sales options, ensuring you extract the utmost value from each impression and click.

OpenRTB and XML Protocols

Our platform supports the industry-standard OpenRTB protocol, allowing seamless integration with various demand and supply partners. Additionally, we offer XML data feed support to efficiently exchange data between systems, enhancing connectivity and flexibility in your ad operations.

Yield Optimization

Our yield optimization services are designed to help you extract maximum value from your digital advertising efforts. We employ sophisticated strategies and technology to ensure your ads are displayed at the right time, in the right places, and at the best possible rates, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Brand-Safe Environment

We prioritize a brand-safe advertising environment. With us, your brand is shielded from association with harmful or inappropriate content. We ensure that your ads are placed in spaces that align with your brand's values and reputation, providing a secure and reputable advertising landscape.

Fully Automated

Our platform operates with full automation, streamlining your advertising processes seamlessly. With minimal manual intervention, you can efficiently manage ad placements, reducing time and effort effortlessly. This automation significantly enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your ad campaigns.

Ad Exchange Connection

Seamlessly connect to ad exchanges through our platform. We provide the bridge to real-time ad auctions, enabling you to bid on ad impressions from various exchanges effortlessly. This connection enhances your reach, ensuring your ads are displayed effectively to a wider audience.

Advanced API Reporting

Access in-depth insights into your advertising campaigns with our Advanced Reporting API. This interface empowers you to extract detailed data and analytics, facilitating comprehensive campaign analysis and optimization. It's your tool for making informed decisions and driving better advertising results.

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