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SSP and DSP Integrations

Expand further your programmatic media relationships.

Supply Side

Unleash Your Web Inventory’s True Value

PPCmate is connected to the world’s leading demand and a broad range of selling options that help secure the maximum value for every impression and click. The primary goal of SSP integration is to ensure you never under-value your web inventory. We provide an easy and guaranteed way to revenue from multiple sources across relevant DSPs in the highest bid rates. Become our SSP Partner and increase your profits!

RTB, XML and Direct Feeds

Brand-Safe Environment

Ad Exchange Connection

 Yield Optimization

Fully Automated

Advanced Reporting API

SSP Documentation

Demand Side

Access To All Major SSPs & Ad Exchanges

Gain instant access to hundreds of SSPs with one simple integration. PPCmate provides instant bid auctions for DSPs to easily buy and manage ad impression inventory in real-time. Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting options and best advertising formats across all devices. Sign up now and take control of your programmatic advertising to the next level, with full transparency and flexibility.

Global Inventory

Transparent Traffic

Advanced Targeting

Direct &
PMP Deals

Fraud Protection

Real-Time Statistics

DSP Documentation

Multiple Ad Formats





Fast & Easy Integration

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Learn more about the RTB Integration on our Knowledge Base.