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9 Websites to Visit and Find Inspiration

Inspiration makes the world a better place. It is a big dose on a gloomy day. Even small slivers go a long way. Whether you have just a sense that your life needs parking up or you are just feeling work-related blahs, an inspiration can do wonders.

Sometimes you don’t have a clue about how to get started and get yourself motivated. So, if you are stuck with your work and looking for inspiration in terms of designing, video or other then this post is for you. Here are the 9 websites you can visit and find inspiration. Here we go…

#1: Awwwards- For Web Design Inspiration

Looking for a web design inspiration? Well, Awwwards has got you covered. This is the best website to get inspiration for a web designer. The website features amazing website design with loads of filters. You can also see sections like “Site of the Month” and Site of the day, that can help you to incorporate the inspiration to your work process.

#2: Renderforest– For Video Inspiration

Whether you want to create slideshows, explainer videos or promotional videos, Renderforest free online animated video maker is your ultimate solution. According to the stats, Renderforest ranked on #213,517 number that makes it among the 500,000 popular websites across the world. So, are you ready to use this source as your video inspiration?

#3: Pinterest– For High-quality web design ideas and Inspirations

For those who are looking for visually appealing ideas for web design and inspiration should explore Pinterest. The well-known grid system of the website enables you to browse through hundreds of websites and pin in your pinboard. You can get ideas on almost everything when you explore the Pinterest.

#4. Pixabay- For free stock photos inspiration

Looking for commercial photos for your website? Don’t have enough budget to buy them? There are many websites that offer you free stock photos. But if you are looking for a website that offers HIGH-QUALITY photos, vector graphics and film footage then Pixabay is at the top list. As of November 2017, it is noted that Pixabay offers more than 1,188,454 free illustrations, vectors, videos as well as photos. However, apart from these, you can also explore other popular websites for free stock photos like Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels etc.

#5. Dribble– For Quick Shots Inspiration

If you are looking for quick inspiration of ‘Shots’ then explore Dribble. This website offers you an endless catalog of images or you can even type your desired topic in the search bar. Dribble helps you to provide you with the results immediately. The stand-alone images in Dribble are submitted by graphic designers across the world. It also has a blog and podcast that allows you to get in-depth interviews and advice.

#6. DataVizProject– For Data Presentation Inspiration

If you are looking for an inspiration related to graphs, charts or any kind of data visualization, this is the right one for you. With a clean layout, it has a navy/red color scheme along with a gallery presentation of the visualization. If you are looking for an amazing way to present data, then don’t miss to explore Data Viz Project.

#7– An Inspiration for Designers

There are times when you look for some app that delivers design and inspiration stories. Here is the name you can rely on. This app is easy to download and once you do so, you can have your personal gallery where designs keep on updating, depending on your style preference. The best aspect about Muz is it offers something for every sort of designer according to their preferences, interests and jobs.

#8. The Inspiration Grid– For Branding Inspiration

The Inspiration Grid consists of all types of design samples. It is the best website to be used for branding inspiration.It can give ideas related to designing a logo or other branded elements. Explore this website for the best branding ideas and inspirations.

#9. Behance– For Curated Galleries

Curated Galleries is a feature of Behance. This website can be the best source of inspiration for those who are looking for more specific and detailed galleries with illustrations, game design, and advertising.


Wrapping the post

Websites like Renderforest, Behance, Inspirational Grid and many more are quite inspiring and also help beginners to grow. These websites can fuel your creativity and generate new ideas. Explore them and get inspired now!



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