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How effective is mobile advertising?

How the research was conducted

The study was conducted with Swedish firm Brand Metrics to determine the efficacy of the mobile channel in promoting brand lift – and how to optimise advertising within it.

The mobile study used Checkers, Dion Wired, Dove, FNB, Old Mutual, OUTsurance, Samsung, Shoprite, Unilever, Volkswagen and Woolworths as participating brand partners. Each client had one campaign running, which included five ad formats: static image, animated GIF, native in-feed, rich media and video.

The study tracked 79 campaigns for 11 brands and some 26,188,383 impressions were served. A total of 22,833 surveys were completed.

Key findings:

  1. Mobile advertising increases all metrics in the brand relationship and resulted in an average brand lift of 7,9%
  2. All the ad formats tested resulted in brand uplift, but in different ways
  3. Brand size has no meaningful relationship with brand lift; awareness shows the strongest negative relationship
  4. Messaging type produces different brand lift effects
  5. Audience targeting enhances the key advantage of each format
  6. CTR has no relationship with brand lift

In conclusion, Lloyd notes that mobile campaigns using various formats and spanning retail, automotive, durable goods and FMCG, resulted in meaningful positive brand lift throughout the marketing funnel. The mobile channel is thus a powerful contributor to the success of brands.

These findings are based on substantial, carefully designed research, all of which is clarified in the white paper.

by Gareth Lloyd
source: BizCommunity