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Ecommerce traffic woes ? Resort to these simple techniques

While looking for something on internet, how often do you go beyond the first ten results in a typical search engine ? Well, most of the users don’t even go beyond five ! And there are millions of websites struggling to get noticed.

So how do you ensure that YOUR website falls within the top searches and it generates the desired traffic?

The answer purely lies in your marketing strategy. The way you make your brand visible over the internet, the way you redirect the traffic to your website; all gets accounted for site rankings !

The good thing is that there are various techniques that you can use.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) in an inbound marketing strategy that has the highest return on investment (ROI). Since it is cost effective, increases traffic and site usability, you can gain a lot by optimizing your site for SEO.

Users trust search engines, and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the website’s trust !

Social media is another powerful way to announce your presence to a wider section of audience. Share your website’s screenshots, videos, images or any relative content for marketing purposes and create a vast brand awareness.

Other techniques include – referring to bloggers or influencers to review your website. Practice cross promotions for building links. Track the target audience’s interest and send customized emails to bring them to your site.

Promote offline awareness of your brand by organizing events, offering discounts, printing merchandise with your brand logo etc. This attracts even those customers who don’t use the internet much.

And most importantly, optimize your website for an enhanced user experience and conversions. For instance – reduce the page loading time, streamline the layout with easy navigation, provide relevant content & clear images ; make your site visually attractive.

Add appropriate plugins or add ons that can benefit the customers in the maximum way possible. Needless to say, this will increase the customer traffic, retention and loyalty.

The following infographic focuses on some useful tips that can be used to increase the traffic, especially for an ecommerce business. Take a look and figure out what works for you.


by Divya Dube
source: Mofluid