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15 YouTube content ideas to boost your business growth

In the competitive world, people expect something new video content without boring and time-wasting. In recent years, video marketing is the king of all marketing because the audience loves visual content rather than text. 

Creating content is the most effective strategy which helps to connect your audience with your brand or business. 

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform and the most visited website after Google. So, doing video marketing will help to become increasingly important for businesses on YouTube. 

Let’s discuss! 

Why are Audiences interested in YouTube video marketing?

  • YouTube has more than 2 billion active users across the world. If you aim for the target audience, they will turn from viewers into customers.
  • 8/10 inverters consider YouTube to be one of the perfect platforms to advertise their products or services
  • 62% of marketers use YouTube to post content. You can post unlimited videos such as tutorials, products, event announcements, and more.
  • One million hours of videos are watched in a single day, and 70% of YouTube watch time comes from the mobile. 

Here are the major reasons why marketers should be interested in video marketing. 

Now, we can see the content ideas to upload on YouTube and establish your brand quickly. 

1. Behind the Scenes

Making these types of videos will help you display your product or brand in front of the audience. The major advantage of creating these videos is helping to show off your brand’s inner working methods and show off the human relatable side. In this way, you can get high engagement on your YouTube videos. 

2. Product Announcement 

Before launching a new product, you will create a product announcement video to promote your products. In this video, you can clearly explain your product features and benefits, enabling you to know the audience. 

Make sure that the videos should create curiosity among the audience. This video content must be short, concise, and contain product specifications. Better you can create the comparisons from older versions to new. 

3. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are completely the same as seminar videos. By creating the tutorial videos allows giving users insight and knowledge as much as. These videos act as the complete guide to give the proper information and concepts, tips, hints, tricks, and much more. According to a recent study, “how-to” on YouTube is increasing year by year. 

4. Inspirational Videos

Your video content isn’t directly related to your brand or products, and it might engage your audience. So, make inspirational content and upload them to your YouTube account, which will be more effective. The perfect example is, L’Oreal Paris can segregate the videos that specifically relate to your products or services. 

5. Influencer Videos

You can also work with top influencers who are related to your target audience. Hereby, you will get fame, and also your brand will reach many viewers. Remember that you can create high-quality content by promoting with influencers will increase your audience level. 

6. Funny Videos

You can make funny videos to entertain your audience by posting the videos frequently. Generating user-engaged content will help to reach more audiences and get more engagement from the audience. A great example – Mcdonald’s created funny videos for April Fools Day. 

7.Regular Series

If your content was too long, you could split it into part-by-part videos. That’s called a web series. Nowadays, an unlimited web series was created and uploaded on YouTube. Each video should be a questioning mind and viewed by so many users. Finally, your YouTube visibility and growth will become high. 

8. Contests

Collecting video clips can also be a perfect format for promoting content from your audience, especially gathering clips from other people as part of a contest. For example, GoPro is one of the best examples of a company that has done very well.

9. Discussion Videos

Creating videos is a normal method; but, making discussion videos is an effective method. Absolutely! Making debut videos will help to increase your engagement for your YouTube videos and also tempts the audience. At last, you will get more views and more comments for these kinds of videos. For instance, the Tiger Fitness channel creates a discussion of surrounding crossfit. 

10. Live Streams

Live stream videos will help to build up excitement for a certain event. Thanks for these opportunities because they are usually easy to create and promote your product to a wider audience at a low cost.

Live Stream also keeps the huge subscribers and increases YouTube channel revenue. This topic will be more interesting YouTube video ideas for 2021. 

11. Testimonials

A testimonial video will help to focus on the positive feedback received from a user and producers. These kinds of videos create social proof, but it also gives a different perspective on your brand and products. 

By using this method, you can increase the shareability, relatability, and credibility of your brand. Adding testimonials to your webpage helps to create traffic and high revenue. 

12. Case Studies

A case study means a detailed study for your specific product or services. Making case studies videos will show how your users or clients have benefitted from your product or services. These kinds of videos will increase the reliability and likability of your brand. It is commonly used in business research, education and more.

13. Unboxing Videos

It is the best content idea to improve your video views and subscriber’s growth. The main reason is opening the product packages for the first time after launching it. These videos should let users experience the product and even decide between rival products. 

Make sure these videos should be user loyal and engage your audience. If you make a video with fake reviews, your audience will never believe you again. 

14. Reaction Videos

Posting content if you’re reacting to content like a music video, movie trailer, tv episodes, and more. These videos help you to improve the engagement and relatability of your channel. 

15. AMA Sessions

An excellent and interesting session is AMA- “Ask Me Anything.” These types of ideas will connect your audience with you & your channel. Conducting the AMA Livestream sessions makes the audience level to your channel. 

Although AMA originated from Reddit, this form of content impresses a lot of audience attention on YouTube. 


There is an unlimited number of content ideas that help improve your business and reach your brand to the audience. Elaborating content ideas will help to attract more numbers of audiences and increase subscribers count. At last, your YouTube channel engagement will increase in a short time. 


Author Bio: 

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on