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When it’s time to (partially) outsource your digital marketing

Look to delegate but retain management of your channels and ideas when deciding to outsource your digital marketing

Marketing certainly is my favorite topic in chiropractic. I am the rare bird of chiropractor who not only loves treating patients, but I love studying marketing. Most of my free time is spent reading Dan S. Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy and other marketing legends. I just love it! I know that I am definitely in the minority here with the marketing passion. So, if it isn’t your thing, should you outsource your digital marketing?

Dan S. Kennedy is probably the greatest living marketer. He says there are two things you should never completely outsource: the checkbook and the marketing, and I tend to agree with him. I still sign every check that leaves the office. Rumor is Donald Trump signed every check that left his multibillion-dollar-a-year business. As far as marketing goes, leaving it all up to someone else has it pitfalls. Here are reasons not to 100% outsource your digital marketing:

Legal Issues — I presented a marketing seminar for a state chiropractic association and traveled everywhere giving this talk. They sent the state association lawyer around with me to talk about legal issues. He said the biggest issues with marketing are the doctors outsource the marketing, and the marketing company is posting things, or running ads, that violate state board rules.

Costs — A full, competent marketing team that can run successful campaigns for you is likely awfully expensive. You typically get what you pay for. Most marketing companies for a chiropractor’s budget are simply not that good. If they were, they would be charging more or doing it for themselves.

Control — Many marketing companies hold your website hostage, along with your FacebookInstagram pages and more. I have heard many horror stories from doctors that they can’t get their website or social media pages back.

Outsourcing a majority

I am not against the decision to outsource your digital marketing. I am against completely outsourcing your marketing for the reasons above, but I am for delegating much of a practice’s marketing efforts. Here is what you want to do.

You want to find a company or companies who can manage, update, and control your website and social media, and even run your ads. But … the doctor/owner needs to be the manager of it all. Let the company “press send” and run the campaigns, but you need to oversee everything, and even come up with ideas.

I have found a great company with a sweet spot. They have some ideas, but generally I come up with ideas, and they implement design and details. So, I may come up with a social media ad idea, but they will run the ads. I make sure to give final approval of any project before it goes out. Here is what to look for in the event you decide to outsource your digital marketing:

Control — You must have final control over social pages and websites. You should be able to edit, add things, and if you fire the company, you should be able to get control and keep control.

Costs — Find a company that is reasonably-priced for your needs. Again, if you want someone to do all of it for you, we could be talking over $5,000 a month.

Experience — I almost would not recommend a chiropractic-only marketing company. It’s best to have ideas from other fields. After all, if you are running the same ads as every other chiropractor, what does that say about you? But it is nice if they have some health care experience as well.

Recommendations — It is imperative that you speak to other clients of the company. Testimonials and reviews can be faked. Ask to speak to a happy client on the phone.

Outsourced efforts are still part of your team

Once an agency has been selected, work as a team to develop a marketing plan and make sure everyone is on the same page. Lay out a plan for website, social and advertising programs. AdWords, banner ads, social advertising and website work can all be done by an outside marketing company. Just make sure the owner always has control over the pages, approves everything before it goes out and leads the direction of the marketing. Your best bet is to study marketing or buy a marketing program that the company can then implement for you.

Don’t completely outsource your marketing, but definitely don’t do it all yourself. The sweet spot is having a marketing implementation team that can execute on your vision for marketing the practice. I have found that is the sweet spot for growing a clinic quickly and consistently.
by James Fedich
source: ChiropracticEconomics