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Demographic Targeting added

With demographic targeting in Premium DSP, you can reach a specific set of potential customers who are likely to be within a particular age range, gender, parental status, or household income. For instance, if you run a fitness studio exclusively for women, demographic targeting could help you avoid showing your ads to men. Demographic targeting is an option to narrow your targeting. In other words, it helps prevent people outside of the your chosen demographics from seeing your ads.

You can target your advertising campaigns by the following demographics:

  • Age
  • Politics
  • Race
  • Technographics
  • Urbanicity
  • Age and Gender Combination
  • Career
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Gender
  • Household
  • Income Level
  • Marital Status

The use of demographic targeting can help the advertiser to target the right audience reducing the unnecessary impressions thus indirectly saving budget. The targeting is no more a tough zone as almost all the ad server provide such facility of doing demographic targeting. Knowing the business has no relation to kids it is always better to exclude users below 18 years old similarly if the product is related to female it is better to exclude male audience, etc.

The demographic variables are the most commonly used segmentation bases for the distinction of groups of customers and consumers. They are also the easiest to evaluate and helps in targeting the accurate users.

Demographic segmentation is important even when the market is not described in terms of population, it is necessary to relate the demographic characteristics so that one can estimate the size of the target market and the means of communication should be used to achieve it more efficiently.

Currently the demographic targeting is available only for USA and for desktop devices.

Demographic targeting technology is powered by eXelate.

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