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Advanced Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform
for Agencies and Professionals

Premium Self-Serve Advertising Platform

More benefits at a glance

ppcmate video campaigns
Video Campaigns

You can upload Pre-roll, Mid-roll and
Post-roll videos or create VAST ads.

ppcmate self serve or managed
Self-Serve or Managed

You can trust our experienced team to
manage your adverting campaigns.

ppcmate multi user support
Multi-User Support

You can create multiple users with
different privileges and accesses.

ppcmate third party ad tags
Third-Party Ad Tags

You can add third-party creatives
in HTML or JavaScript formats.

ppcmate api integration
API Integration

Connect quickly and easily third party
web trackers for better ROI.

ppcmate transparent traffic 1
Transparent Traffic

We provide full transparency of
our Web and In-App inventory.

ppcmate advanced analytics
Advanced Analytics

Reports are provided in real-time and
can be exported in CSV or PDF files.

ppcmate list management
List Management

Add whitelists or blacklists and easily
integrate with different campaigns.

ppcmate pmp deals
PMP Deals

Add Private Marketplace deals and
target high-quality properties.

Premium Account Registration

Learn more about the Premium DSP on our Knowledge Base.