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How to increase the revenue of the website with Native Ads

Native Advertising is referred to as paid Media but feels like a natural extension of the website of a Publisher. But the Ad content gets blend well with the website content of the host and is well thought to resonate with the minds of the audience. Such a native ad would derive unique pageviews as it deserves. But how to boost the revenue of the website with the help of native advertising? Let us discuss here,

What is native advertising?

These are ads that blends with the existing content seamlessly so as to embrace the feel and look of a website. It is possible to enhance site revenue by at least 75% by optimizing the design, size, targeting and positioning of these Native ads. When used properly, they also drive excellent user engagement rates and higher number of clicks and revenues compared to standard banner ads.

Another advantage of Native advertising is that they match with the publisher so well and allows brands to offer helpful and relevant content to the audience of the website with a distinct call to action feature. Another good thing about Native ads is that, it replaces all leaderboard ads without using much website space. Ads don’t disrupt the reading experience of the audience.

Adoption of native ads denotes growth for a website, Thousands of brands move towards native ads in the form of banners or video ads for their growth. It is because, native ads offer a better opportunity for brands to engage theri customers and also creates additional revenue for the website. But, how to increase website revenue with Native ads? Read along,

Ways to optimize native ads

  1. Enhance Ads Relevance:

Every website aims at offering the best for its readers, advertisers who would place their ads on your website would only want to promote their brand and make additional money, but as a website owner, you would want relevant ads for your audience, above anything else. Relevancy would lead to trust and enhance the revenue, ensure that native ads are relevant. To ensure this behave as a user of your web site, view the ads and check if they are relevant to the content and the needs of the audience. Do not hesitate to test different native ad networks to narrow at the one that offers relevant ads.

  1. Try different Ad networks

A website should not allow its visitor to get used to the default ad creatives and positions, as these would result in few clicks and low income for the advertisers and publishers respectively. It is important to create several ads to avoids dull campaigns and to try different ad networks and rotate between these networks to keep ads fresh and their audience engaged. This would result in more clicks, and more ad generated revenue for the website.

  1. Avoid Shortcuts

Native ads are effective only when they blend into the content perfectly; they should be an extension of the content that would entertain the reader, attempts to trick the users into clicking these ads is unwise. Native ads work so well when they match the content of the website, but website visitors should not think that once they click on the link,  they get directed to the advertiser’s web page.  This might result in losing the visitor once and for all.

  1. Use Ads Optimization tools

Ad optimization tools help in automating the website ads and also checks what is best for the audience. It is important to figure out the way to optimize and increase ad revenue, and automation in the form of split testing helps to determine what works best for the website. This is a standard process with news houses, where they use automation tools to pick up the best headlines. With this tool, it is possible to test ad color and fonts, titles and its creatives and choose which is best for the audience.

  1. Optimizing ad layouts:

It is important to automate ad placements and arrangements on larger websites to help test ad positions, test ad units, and sizes and to track user behavior on each ad design. Continuous testing is the only way to generate the maximum revenue with any ad units.

  1. Content recommendation systems:

In-feed ads may work well for your website, but adding more story views may provide the best revenue boost for your site. This doesn’t mean going out and writing more content, but it does mean adding more ways for users to navigate your site. For example, Taboola and Outbrain are Native ads generating networks that help with content recommendations as well. They place their widgets directly below the content and help website viewers to click on the ads preferably.

by  Joseph George