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Digital marketing is the new normal

More than a year ago, the world stopped. Literally.

The pandemic blind-sided us in a way that we never could have imagined. Our normal home/work routine was replaced with either too many hours to contemplate what was actually happening or not enough hours to adjust to a new crazy routine at home.

And it was during those seemingly unending moments of nothingness that we all looked for a means to find out what was happening in the ‘outside world’.

Everyone went online.

The digital world experienced a boom in a very short amount of time. Since the possibility of physical engagements was nowhere in sight, we all looked for alternative ways to connect.

Meetings were held in digital conference rooms. Regular moviegoers contented themselves with online streaming subscriptions. Shopping was all done online. Social interactions were limited to whatever social media accounts people were connected to.

And with a shift as big as this, creative business strategies (a.k.a money) always follow. This huge shift to digital media had an immense effect on how advertising companies allocated their budgets and planned their strategies. We all know that the internet is an ocean of information.

Everything is just a click away. So, for advertisers, engagement is key. Viewers nowadays are said to have shorter attention spans so every second is crucial. This is where it gets tricky.

Since the field of digital media is relatively new, many are experimenting and looking for new ways to effectively utilize social media to its full potential. Here’s where popular influencers come into play.

A quick search of ‘influencers + marketing’ reveals that this is a person who can influence others to support a certain brand or product through social media promotions.

During the early days, it was very common to see the usual celebrities as brand ambassadors. You now see them in almost every social media platform there is—influencers name dropping a brand in a couple of posts. Or perhaps they directly inform their audience of a partnership they have with a specific company, and so on.

But now, any John or Jane Doe could be the next household name. As long as you have credibility and you’ve got a huge social media following, then you are a potential influencer.

If that’s you, you have to play your cards right. This is where a digital influencer marketing company can come in handy. These companies serve as the bridge for creators and companies to be able to produce content that is not just appealing but is also effective.

With the barrage of different types of influencers out there and a lot of companies who’d like to ride this digital marketing wave, you need to have something that would separate you from the pack. It would also be best to connect with a brand that resonates well with you as a person—that way, content creation will be more natural and organic.

Play smart. Connect with the right people. Use your tools well.