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B2B marketing strategies that actually work

The B2B market has seen significant growth and development in recent years, and it’s not hard to trace the original source – the advance of the internet and the various technologies that surround it. It’s no secret that pretty much every company has an active online presence these days, and those who take proper advantage of that situation stand to gain a lot when it comes to B2B interactions.

Not all strategies in this sector are equal though – some will work much better than others, especially today.

Inbound Marketing

Though a somewhat controversial topic among marketers, inbound marketing remains a powerful tool in the hands of those who use it right. It can generate strong leads through the regular posting of content that’s relevant to other businesses. There are many channels that can be utilized to drive traffic to the content you’re generating and posting, and it’s a good idea to look into all of them in detail before committing to anyone in particular. Because in the long run, you might not have that much of an opportunity to change things after getting started with a particular method.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is great in the sense that it can capture a large volume of traffic, as it has the biggest potential exposure to customers who might be interested in your services. It’s the perfect placement for many types of ads, and you can get quite creative in promoting your business through this method. From simple text to heavily produced video, you can do a lot in this regard, and you’re typically only limited by your budget and creativity.

Content Marketing

Another big field full of opportunities to reap is content marketing. It’s fallen out of popularity on the consumer market for some time now, but the B2B market is as strong as ever in this regard. There are, again, many channels that can be utilized for posting this type of content, and you should study them in detail to figure out which ones would work best for your current strategy.

Keep in mind that many companies make some of the most important decisions in their work based on the effects of content marketing. This can put you in a very advantageous position, allowing you to easily draw a lot of traffic to your services without too much effort.

Social Media Marketing

Social media remains one of the best channels for many types of marketing, and B2B is not far behind in this regard either. While not every company is going to be paying attention to their social media channels for potential business leads, you can gain a lot from those that do. And if you target them right, you can easily see some fantastic results with relatively little effort in this area.

On the other hand, social media can also be a bit of a gamble in some circles, making it important to know exactly how you’re going to approach it well in advance. Promotion in this field can be costly, so you can’t afford to waste any money on inappropriate investments.

Affiliate Programs

Last but not least, we have another powerhouse in the B2B marketing field – affiliate programs. Some like to explain how the golden days of this type of marketing are over and that there’s no point in exploring affiliate marketing anymore, but that’s far from the truth in many fields. In fact, affiliate programs can easily drive some very heavy traffic to your business without requiring you to do much in the first place. You just have to develop them the right way and ensure that it actually makes sense for someone to get involved.

A little bit of creativity can go a long way when trying to develop a sensible B2B marketing program that produces solid results. You may occasionally have to backtrack as you encounter certain barriers that are difficult to anticipate, but in the long run, you should be able to see some amazing results with these techniques. And if you play your cards right, this might even allow you to establish a leading position in your market in a very short time. This is not something that many companies can say about themselves, especially in the B2B world.

by Ruth Hoffmann
source: B2C