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10 writing & editing tools to create skillful social media content

The common misconception behind the high-quality content is that it relies on writing skills exclusively. Of course, having style is indispensable, but opting for a third-party tool to make suggestions regarding how we should optimize our material is a must in our era.

The spectrum of what such tools can offer is very broad. They can analyze your article’s structure, suggest you topics for writing, even proofread and help you writing articles online. These tools will help you create a content strategy and the content that will put your website on the map.

Hemingway App

This well-designed app operates based on the Flesch Reading Ease Score, a sophisticated way of calculating how easy it is to read your stuff. It takes lots of factors into account. By using the Hemingway app, you can achieve a very bold and active style that will make sure you captivate any reader. Once you paste your text into the app, you’ll see the sentences that are hard to read highlighted.

“Hemingway will signal if you’re using too many adverbs, which often make our texts harder to read. The Flesch Score also shows you the grade of a person that would be comfortable with reading your text. From second grade to university grad,” says James Daily, writer, content manager, and blogger at Brainished.

Hubspot’s online topic generator

Okay, this one is oddly cool. So basically, Hubspot has created a very interesting algorithm, that is able to provide you with a year’s worth of article titles. After having tested this feature, it’s safe to say that not all titles are usable. However, the vast majority of them are great. So, there’s no room for complaint.

“Feel like you’re out of content ideas? Well, this topic generator will provide you with more stuff than you can handle. All you need to do is fill out a short form on their website, and you’ll then receive an email with a huge list of topics. Really worth trying” —  Amanda Sparks, marketer and author of TopDownWriter blog.


This is a really interesting app that tries to adapt your text to the commonly preferred standards on the Internet. How do they do this? They have access to large corpora of text from Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, Google Web, and many other huge sources.

Your text is then inspected by their robot, and then you’ll get suggestions on how common expressions in your text are. Based on that you’ll be able to make decisions regarding rewording certain chunks of your text.


This is probably among the most powerful apps designed to detect potential syntactic, grammar, style, and punctuation-related issues. It has mind-blowing abilities in this sector. The app’s algorithm will spot the main issues in your text and make recommendations on how to tackle those particular problems.

You’ll have the chance to leave the text as is or proceed with editing the text according to Grammarly’s suggestions. Grammarly is particularly valuable when you already have good language and writing skills. It’s meant to act as an enhancer of your abilities, and not replacing them.


This is a writing environment that lets you focus on writing exclusively. It’s very convenient for a vast spectrum of professionals in the niche. Their website claims that it’s an app for:

  • Screenwriters
  • Authors
  • Journalists
  • Playwrights
  • Bloggers
  • Researchers

Once you start writing full-time the importance of a distraction-free and visually ecological tool is absolutely crucial. This is why Ulysses is commonly considered among the best in its niche. There is nothing bothersome in its design. However, despite its minimal appearance, it’s a really powerful tool.


If you’re knee-deep in the blogging game, you must be well aware of the importance of HTML in the field. However, most of us aren’t too familiar with it. Furthermore, we need to write our content in our text editors and only then apply the HTML tags. Sounds pretty time-consuming, doesn’t it?

Word2CleanHTML is a great tool that will help you eliminate this issue from your workflow. You can just go ahead and write while the app’s filters will apply HTML tags directly onto your text. This will eventually result in a formatted and consistent HTML-friendly text, without even having to think about adding tags.

Writer Review Services

Not all of us have the required skill set to write like a professional writer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, this needs to be taken into account. Hiring an experienced professional is essential if we want to put out quality material out there. It can also be considered an investment that has a pretty high return.

Producing top-notch content is one of the most powerful methods of growing a following and stimulating engagement with your content.

If you’ve never dealt with the task of finding a writer, you can always opt for websites that collect reviews on writers and agencies or give the opportunity to hire a freelancer. These include for example Upwork, BestWritersCanada, and Fiverr.


This tool is somewhat similar to Hemingway, yet it’s much more complex. It analyses your context from multiple readability frameworks. Besides the Flesch Index, you’ll also find a Gunning Fog index, along with the SMOG index.

With this tool, you’ll be sure that all of your posts are easily accessible to all readers. However, this isn’t beneficial for the reader only.

“Optimizing the reading ease score is considered an important factor in search engine optimization. So never hesitate to adapt your text to the average reader, if you find that your sentences are way too long,” states Jennifer Fellows, social media marketer at CanadaWriters.


Cognitive scientists have long been studying the benefits of noise on the human brain, especially productivity. Well, it appears that the sound of chatter in a cafe is actually beneficial for our focus. It follows an important principle of “What doesn’t distract me makes me more focused”

There’s a good reason many writers find it very helpful to write in busy cafes. Cofftivity is a nice little app that has loads of different prerecorded ambiances for your to use while working.

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

Less than half of the people that have clicked on a link to an article read more than an article’s headline.

Are you really sure that you know how to write a perfect headline? Well, no worries, Coschedule made a free tool that can advise you on the quality of the title of your text. It has a sophisticated measurement system that calculates the attractiveness of your headline.

It also tries to predict how popular it will be on the web, how many shares it will generate on social media, and how much SEO traction it will have.


Canva is free, easy-to-use, and completely online graphic design software (no need to download any programs). Created more than 10 years ago, it already has more than 75 million active users in 190 countries. To give you an idea, more than 36 designs are created every second with our tool!


The tools and the apps provided in this articles will most certainly be a valuable asset to any aspiring writer and blog owner, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s the artist, not the brush that defines the quality of a product.

The tools you’ve seen above are not designed to simply create content in a more straightforward manner. It’s instead about finding the right approach to your reader, feeling your reader’s pulse and adapting to it.



by guest blogger Natalie Andersen

Natalie Andersen, chief content writer, and enthusiastic blogger. She believes that everyone’s life has to be the result of the choices they make but a helping hand is always welcomed. You can connect with Natalie on Twitter @getgoodgradecom or on Facebook.