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Where to find content creators that do not whack you up?

Whether you are an independent blogger or a site administrator for an international company, chances are that you will need content at one point or another. While you may be good at sales, writing or even hand-made jewelry, no one is good at everything. Outsourcing your content to a third-party is always scary, especially when you don’t have references or testimonials available for someone.

Luckily, there are numerous platforms that are designed to make your content creation outsourcing easy, affordable and straightforward. Let’s separate these platforms into content-specific groups and see what you can get by using them.

Content creation

Freelancing platforms are specific in the way that they allow you to hire individuals from different fields. While we will cover writing and design in separate paragraphs, let’s start with general freelancing to make things easier to understand.

Freelancers are individuals that work through outsourcing platforms and offer their services based on projects, set deadlines and budgets. As Jason Chase, head of content creation at TopWritersReview put it: “It’s a good idea to outsource your content if you want to get a fresh take on your brand and ideas.” You can find professionals from a plethora of different niches on these platforms, so let’s dive right into them.


One of the most representative examples of freelancing platforms on the web is Upwork. Upwork is a collaboration of two recently shut down freelancing platforms that allows both content creators and clients to connect with each other.

You can find virtual assistants, 3D modeling experts, programmers and all sorts of other professionals through Upwork. All you have to do is define your project and start a bidding process in which you will be able to choose a professional that suits you the most. Upwork is fairly easy to learn and offers loyalty programs for extended and fair use.


While the platform fell back in recent years due to an influx of freelancers, Freelancer is still as active as ever. Freelancer is distinguished by the entry-level costs of professionals working through the platform.

If you are low on funds and need some content created either way, Freelancer might be the place for you. Like Upwork, Freelancer allows you to personally choose who to work with before any work is actually done.


As the third general content creation outsourcing service we have Fiverr. It offers similar options to both Upwork and Freelancer but also features a more slick and user-friendly UI.

You can find professionals in fields such as marketing, analytics, video editing and other categories through Fiverr at very low cost. Make sure to check all three platforms for their distinct content creator offerings before settling for one of them.

Content writing

When it comes to written content, things are more varied than they seem. Writers specialize in different fields, from essay writing to article writing all the way to proofreading and editing.

Different services come with varying professionals with PhDs and Master’s degrees in their respective fields. Luckily, it’s quite easy to find writers even for the most obscure types of writing such as translation or medical document proofreading. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful services that qualify:

Rewarded Essays

As the first on our list, we have Rewarded Essays, a professional writing site that specializes in article and content writing. What makes it unique is the very flexible pricing model that allows you to get discounts and low prices depending on the urgency and complexity of your order.

You can get your content proofread, edited or even written from scratch at relatively low prices. It goes without saying that the writers and editors working with Rewarded Essays are professionals and will do their outmost to handle your content with care and precision.

Supreme Dissertations

Supreme Dissertations is a writing platform that offers a plethora of options for would-be clients. You can easily check the credibility of Supreme Dissertations by simply going through their testimonials and reviews.

What you will find there is a list of satisfied and recurring customers willing to recommend Supreme Dissertations to anyone in need of new content. Make sure to check this platform out if you are looking for varied content that doesn’t fall into the regular writing jurisdiction.

Flash Essay

It’s easy to distinguish the most important feature of Flash Essay from its title. If you are looking for quick and professional ways for outsourcing your content, look no further.

You can get free samples and outlines from Flash Essay which will give you a good idea of their content strategy and mindset when working with clients. The platform also features testimonials and descriptions of each type of writing on offer, so make sure to check it out.

Get Good Grade

While the platform’s name alludes to paper writing and academic services, it goes far beyond that. Get Good Grade is a great outsourcing platform for proofreading, editing and rewriting your content.

You can easily check your content before you publish it by simply sending it to a professional writer beforehand. Get Good Grade offers free samples and a variety of pricing models that cater to different clients and budgets.

Hot Essay Service

Lastly, Hot Essay Service is a very versatile platform for writing different types of content. You can have your resume written by a professional content creator, edit and proofread your writing before publishing it or have all-new content written for you.

The site’s pricing structure allows for a lot of leeway which means that you can get a lot done by paying very little. Hot Essay Service should be on your radar if you want to hire affordable writers that know what they are doing.

Visual content

As the last category on our list, we will take a look at several platforms specializing in visual content. Visual content is an important aspect of web design and content strategy in general. Even if you have impeccable writing and good points, it won’t matter without images or charts to back that up.


When it comes to graphic design, there are very few platforms that can compete with 99designs. The service was specifically designed to make outsourcing and freelancing easy on both sides.

You can find professional illustrators, web designers and other creatives in a matter of minutes. If you don’t have time to wait for custom-made design solutions, 99design offers premade designs that are available for purchase through their store.

Design Contest

Design Contest is a client-centric platform dedicated to graphic design and visual content creation. As the name suggests, all you have to do to get started with Design Contest is to create a contest for your project.

The next several hours will bring dozens of different designers to your project and you will be able to hire the right person for your content outsourcing. It’s easy to do and takes only minutes to set up, so make sure to give it a try.


Video content is often overlooked in content creation and not for good reasons. Having video files and moving graphics on your website can make it very easy for people to identify with your brand and convert to customers.

Pond5 is a platform that serves as a bridge between video editors and clients in need of video content. If you don’t have time to wait, you can browse the library of Pond5’s professionally created videos ready for commercial use.



Choose wisely

With such a vast array of choices, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact content creation platform you need. Make sure to weigh your budget and needs carefully before making a choice. Don’t overspend on content outsourcing but also make sure to vet whoever you choose for your project.

Once you find a professional that you are satisfied with, you can hire them long-term and work with them indefinitely. This is one of the main reasons why businesses tend to use freelancing platforms in the first place – so why pass on the opportunity?



by Jessica Fender

Jessica Fender is a creative blogger that works for such prominent sites as RatedByStudents and IsAccurate. She is dedicated to delivering actionable, informative articles with timeless advice in a friendly tone. She loves reading self-coaching books and aims to relate her professional experience to her readers.