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Top 8 native advertising platforms for advertisers and publishers

Native advertising: The refreshing and unobtrusive form of advertising that syncs beautifully with web content and is receiving the attention of many publishers.

The traditional advertising system has been dismantled by the heightened interest of the likes of adblockers. Therefore, an increasing number of publishers and advertisers are now using native ads on their websites and blogs to augment their existing ad revenues.

The biggest thing that works for native ads is their ability to flow seamlessly within the blog/website content to the extent that it doesn’t really look like advertising, at all. Additionally, native ads enhance the appeal of clickability by making content more relatable and interesting. It seems that the increase of native ads in important publications, and on various niches, means that they are here to stay.

Here are eight native ad platforms that are creating a global buzz.

1. is at the top of the list for a good reason. Allowing customers to both buy and sell traffic via a real-time bid system, the popularity of Redirect is surging big time. One can buy displays, email addresses, domains, pops, and RON traffic, among others.

Their intuitive geo-targeting system monetizes all of the clients’ international traffic and ensures that they benefit from a great RPM. provides a single redirect link that needs to be entered into the system as a broad-based geo-redirect link. For instance, if you avail an offer that currently accommodates only US traffic, then the traffic from other countries will be redirected to the link which geo-targets the foregone traffic to a page that allows you to monetize international traffic efficiently.

2. Outbrain

Established in 2006, Outbrain remains one of the best native ad networks regarding the quality and visibility of advertising. The quality of ads is monitored carefully using intelligent filters that incorporate the content from many product-oriented ads.

Outbrain has teamed with many leading niches, publishers, and markets to promote native ads. It presently is available for only top publishers, such as Sky News, which boasts of over 10 million page views per month, so as to maintain their high standards.

3. Nativo

It is hard to beat Nativo in the realm of pure native advertising in that it exemplifies branded content within the language of publishing streams. Just five years old, the Nativo network is integrated on the publisher’s side and offers a plethora of screens and devices.

All ads are made to match the individualistic feel of each publication, and the effort is to simplify the entire process. It relishes in the support of a range of reputed publishers, which reflects in its commitment towards quality.

4. Gravity

The Gravity network is another renowned platform that enjoys the patronage of AOL, featuring some of the best publishers in the market. As a publisher, you need to have at least 1 million page views to join its ad network.

To prevent users from getting overwhelmed with all kinds of information, Gravity sorts out relevant content that keeps them engaged.

5. Triplelift

Triplelift was founded in 2013, which renders them new and fresh. They are a thriving ad network that exemplifies the transition of displays and are catching the attention of major publishers. Their platform radiates convenience and transparency, which encourages publishers to gain insights into the subtleties of this native ad network and its performance.

6. NativeAds

NativeAds is one of the more talked about native ad networks which can be operated in conjunction with other platforms such as AdSense. The approval process for NativeAds is moderated, and a request is typically addressed within a span of 12 hours. It is an excellent choice for modern publishers despite their slightly lower per-click rate.

The interesting thing about Native ads is their ability to leverage other native ad networks, which expands the reach of your campaign.

7. Taboola

Hailed as the biggest content discovery platform globally, Taboola serves more than 1 billion unique visitors per month on some of the most innovative and engaging publishing websites, such as USA Today, Tribune, NBC, Fox Sports, etc., in addition to smaller niche blogs.

Taboola enables advertisers and publishers to monetize their content effectively. It makes an excellent choice for Asian traffic, as well, accounting for .01 -.03 cents per click opposed to .10 cents for US traffic.

On this native ad network, the CPC rates are close to an attractive .02 – .04 cents. It allows publishers to access reports by logging in and creating individualized campaigns.

8. Adsnative

Situated in San Francisco with offices in India, as well, Adsnative is strategically placed in the realm of tech and publishing. Adsnative has gone big on startups and has been successful in displaying a support base for their prospering business. Founded in 2013, Adsnative has come a long way and is still going strong.

These eight successful native ad networks offer exciting revenue streams to publishers who are not opposed to experimenting with something new. Furthermore, they give you a glimpse into future trends such as native ad networks, chatbots and influencer marketing in the years to come.

source: Entrepreneur