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Elevate Your Advertising Campaigns with
Advanced Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform

More benefits at a glance

Video Campaigns

You can upload Pre-roll, Mid-roll and
Post-roll videos or create VAST ads.

Self-Serve or Managed

You can trust our experienced team to
manage your adverting campaigns.

Multi-User Support

You can create multiple users with
different privileges and accesses.

Third-Party Ad Tags

You can add third-party creatives
in HTML or JavaScript formats.

API Integration

Connect quickly and easily third party
web trackers for better ROI.

Transparent Traffic

We provide full transparency of
our Web and In-App inventory.

Advanced Analytics

Reports are provided in real-time and
can be exported in CSV or PDF files.

List Management

Add whitelists or blacklists and easily
integrate with different campaigns.

White Label

Start your own self-serve advertising
business without any hassle.

…and many more!

Premium Traffic Partners

Upgrade your advertising strategy with our extensive network of premium supply partners, ensuring that your message
reaches the right people at the right time. Benefit from the highest-quality placements on top websites, apps,
and platforms, maximizing your brand's visibility and impact.

Reach new heights with our premium advertising inventory!

White Label DSP

Start your own programmatic advertising business.

Maximize Your ROI with
Our Powerful Advertising Formats

Our cutting-edge platform offers the most effective advertising formats, carefully designed
to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns.



Display or banner is one of the most popular methods of digital advertising. Display advertising creates brand awareness and recognition. PPCmate advertising platform supports all standard IAB banner sizes.

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Native advertising is the integration of marketing content with a website or service in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the material presented in terms of its content or style. Native ads are more engaging than banners.

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Ad Tags

Ad Tags

A third-party tag refers to a JavaScript code snippet that is placed on a landing page with the purpose of displaying ads. Whenever a user visits the website, the code is executed, resulting in the display of relevant ads to the user.

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Video advertising is cost-effective, trackable, can be highly targeted, allowing you to get your message in front of the right eyeballs with minimum waste and maximum results with interactive calls-to-actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find your answer here, please visit our Support Center.

Absolutely! Our platform offers over 25 targeting options, including geo-targeting.

Certainly! Our Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) feature is designed to assist you in launching successful retargeting campaigns.

Absolutely! Our platform offers Postal Code/Zip Code targeting as a valuable feature.

We offer a range of comprehensive, real-time reports designed to provide you with valuable insights into the profitability of your ad campaigns.
These reports encompass various parameters that allow you to track and measure campaign performance effectively.

Absolutely! We partner with trusted third-party providers like Lotame to enhance your targeting capabilities. By leveraging their services, you can select and define your audience more effectively, ensuring precise and impactful targeting.

We ensure the quality of traffic by tracking clicks and conversions using the appropriate pixel.

At our platform, we operate exclusively on pre-payment terms.

This means that payment is required prior to the activation of your advertising campaigns.

You can contact our finance department at

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