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How fleeting content is changing content marketing

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the term “evergreen content” thrown around at least a few times. The idea here is that you can create high-quality content that never goes out of style. But the idea behind evergreen content was created long ago, way before content became what it is today. Now, content is all about staying new and fresh.

Today’s content doesn’t stick around for long. Between social media posts that disappear into a timeline after only a few minutes and Snapchat or Instagram Stories that have 24-hour expiration dates, your content needs to make an impact and it needs to do it quickly. You can no longer put all your focus into creating something you hope will gain attention for months and months. Instead, you have only a few seconds to get viewers hooked.

These content changes are presenting a challenge for people in all industries. My clients frequently come to me asking how they can create content that can attract and retain leads in such a short period of time. Well, I’m here to give you the same advice I give them. Let’s take a look.

Know Your Audience Well

There’s a lot of content online. Today, customers can find just about anything they’re looking for with a quick Google search. Some marketers try to appeal to as many customers as possible, covering broad or generic topics that might interest a large audience. Unfortunately, this can actually be less successful.

When a customer or client looks for content online, they’re going to identify with messaging that speaks directly to them. They’ll want familiar language, an appealing tone and a thorough understanding of their unique needs. If you’re trying to create content for everyone, you are ignoring each of these areas. Instead, you’re left with something dull, bland and easy to pass over.

The first step in gaining attention on fleeting content is to know your audience well. When you only have a few seconds to pull them in, you need to make it seem like you’ve crafted your content specifically for them. Create customer personas that outline who your audience is, what problems they struggle with and what solutions they’re looking for. Then continue to refine your content until you’re getting attention from high-quality leads that fit your image of an ideal customer.

Make Your Value Clear

Our customers and clients are used to getting what they need and moving on. They want fast information, quick responses and concise messaging. If you’re unable to make the value of your content clear from the very beginning, they’re going to wonder if they’re wasting their time and move on to something else. This is particularly true for fleeting content.

When your customer or client is swiping through Instagram Stories, they’re not looking for a sales pitch. Instead, they’re looking to engage, be entertained or even learn something new. If you’re taking too long to get to the point, they’ll just move on to the next story. Whenever you create a piece of content, show your value in the first few seconds or sentences. Grab their attention, make them stop scrolling and then go deeper into your thoughts or ideas.

Pay for Exposure

Marketing without a proper budget won’t get you far in this day and age. While there are a few ways you can grow your business without needing to pay for sponsored posts, it’s a lot more difficult than paying to get your content in front of the right audience. Creating an appropriate marketing budget can really allow your results to take off.

First, you can use your budget to pay for sponsored posts right within social media platforms and search engines. You can also take a less traditional route and use influencers to reach your audience. Connecting with influencers within your industry can add trust to your advertisements, increasing the chances that a lead will click through to your content.

When connecting with influencers, always go for those who fit well with your audience. You don’t need major celebrities or household names. Instead, think about who your audience really respects, trusts and values — even if they have a smaller reach. Quality is always better than quantity in this case.

Work with influencers to create content that seems natural for them. When your sponsored posts blend seamlessly into what the influencer is already doing, it won’t seem like an ad — improving your chances of getting clicks and attention.

Try new things, focus on new keywords and partner with new influencers. As you begin to refine your content promotion strategy, you’ll find what works for your audience. Then you can focus all your energy in that direction.

The way we produce and promote content is constantly changing. If you’re not keeping up with the new needs and preferences of your customers and prospects, you’ll find it’s difficult to stay relevant. By approaching fleeting content with the right strategy and attitude, you can attract and retain attention within just a few seconds — bringing high-quality leads to your business and website.

When creating new content, consider who your audience is, what they might be looking for and how you can most efficiently get that information in front of them.

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by Samuel Thimothy