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Gain more ecommerce profit with mobile app development!

Inventions always surround the business world. Ever-coming inventions in technology bring more help as well as competition to the businesses.

One of the trending inventions in today’s businesses is eCommerce. Companies tend to take support from online commerce as well.

eCommerce was developed to shop online using the websites, but with the emergence of Mobile Applications, it is looked up towards shopping using the mobile applications now.

This Statista report says, in 2021, Mobile eCommerce could reach up to somewhere in $3.5 trillion and then boost up to almost three quarters in eCommerce sales by 72.9%.

You might be having an eCommerce website bringing a good flow of customers and sales to your business and might also be satisfied with the numbers.

However, this can last only for the next few years. To keep running longer in this race, you need something that is very much convenient to customers.

Mobile phones have grabbed over the hands of the vast population and are not ceasing in any manner to take over the lives of the users.

Statistics forecast that 2019 will be having almost 4.68 billion of Mobile phone users worldwide. This makes it necessary for businesses to trade on mobiles as well.

With this in mind, many businesses have already chosen the concept of mobile app development services for their eCommerce business.

However, you would still wonder about the benefits to develop a Mobile App when you already have an eCommerce website. Here are some mentioned below:

More Loyal Customers

eCommerce has brought ease to customers with online shopping in their day to day lives.

However, there are many websites available on the web calling customers to shop from them.

These sites do get visits, but many times visitors surf around the products and shop nothing.

While if you have a mobile app for your eCommerce store, the chances are that you can get loyal customers.

The reason behind saying this is, a person would only download your eCommerce Mobile App when he or she likes the products and wants to keep shopping from you.

However, you must know the fact that customer cannot stay loyal all alone if they don’t get anything in return.

You need to keep up with them with the offers, updates on the products or discount deals.

Further, there are things that you need to consider in the mobile app development as well.

You need to maintain the aspects such as personalization, notifications, content, rewards, and support to provide to your customers.

This may sound a bit tedious to you to focus on all the aspects alone by yourself, but there are some top eCommerce development companies available always to partner for your business growth.


Mobile Applications over Mobile Websites

If you have opted for eCommerce website development services, I am sure that you would have developed it to be mobile responsive. It brings the same ease to the mobile users to surf on it.

However, real shoppers would choose mobile applications over the browsers; the reasons being –

  • Applications are convenient to shop on a frequent basis
  • The customer doesn’t need to enter the URL every time
  • It stores login details to ease the login at every visit
  • It keeps the customer updated with the new offers
  • It is easy for the customer to contact the support
  • It seems much personalized to the user
  • The security measures are comparatively strong

However, these are not the only reasons a business should browse through the mobile app development companies list for an eCommerce app; there’s more to it.


Faster Response

In this fast-paced world, everybody is short of time to wait for anything. This applies to the businesses as well.

If a user has to wait for a website to load and especially when it is a shopping website, nothing can be more irritating than this experience.

It will drive the visitor nuts and will result in him leaving the website without any shopping.

A mobile app takes comparatively less time than a website because it stores its data partially on the device itself.

Although mobile applications connect to the servers same as the websites do, it transmits data to the server ten times lesser than the transmission between a browser and a server.

Also, the user gets to save their preferences in the mobile apps, which makes the app load the content desirable by the user; thus saving a lot of user’s time and making him proactive.

If these points are making you bend towards looking out for one of the top 10 mobile application development companies but you are still uncertain with the budget, you can find some cheap app developers from India as your outsourcing help and get the application developed.


Enriched User Experience

 It is your eCommerce store, whether it makes or it breaks your sales.

When accessing an eCommerce Website, the visitor expects easy navigation to find what they want.

While compared to websites, Mobile Apps are more confining regarding the layout to play in your palm.

The element that mobile apps restrict popping irrelevant buttons or ad banners on the store’s layout can bring more compelling user experience.

No distractions mean allowing your customer to checkout faster and bringing him again on your store as they would remember how quick and satisfying it was to shop.

To understand these aspects an eCommerce website development company can be your good friend in this as they have experience with their development.

It is also advisable to appoint a top mobile app development company for the mobile app development of your eCommerce store.


High Conversion Rates

Combining the aspects of enriched UX, easy navigation, and usability, it leads to high conversion rates with the mobile app development.

Many statistics prove that an eCommerce app brings the conversion rates which are almost more than double when checked that of the desktop and mobile sites.

Adding to that, customers who use mobile apps tend to browse through the products more than they would do that on the mobile browser because they get the optimized item display.

The last point to add, average order value in mobile apps is around 125% higher than that on mobile or desktop sites.

You can partner with an eCommerce development company, the USA, for example, to understand the measures which can help you get the highest conversion rates for your eCommerce business.


Dealing with the mobile’s inbuilt features

When it comes to advantages, an eCommerce development company is always aware and quick with the tips.

You must be wondering, but you can use your customer’s mobile phones for your benefit. No, not by snatching the phones (just kidding).

Your customer has some features on his device that will help you engage more with them and simplify the process of the sales.

Listing down the main features, it includes GPS, Microphone, and the Camera. Discussing how they can be useful to your business app –

  1. GPS – It allows your business app to locate where your user is which can benefit you with many things.
    You can introduce a geotagging feature which locates the address for shipping making it quick to complete the process.
    Also, if the user is looking for a physical store, the app would become smart enough in the eyes of the user with directing towards the nearest shop and with the availability of the products.
  2. Microphone – You can add the feature of speech search to your application for customers to quickly search what they desire
  3. Camera – Many intuitive applications allow customers to share the images of the products they purchased, and update them on the store’s social media account.

This allows the business to get the real-time display for the products, to turn into remarkable chances of a successful sale and to make the customer more engaged with the store.

Not an end yet

The above listed are some of the benefits you can gain from the mobile app development for your eCommerce store.

Many top mobile application development companies in the world are always looking forward to developing the remarkable applications the business may require for their growth.

Also, they suggest how useful can a mobile application be for your eCommerce business and develop the features in the app accordingly.

Further, there are many aspects to be understood for an eCommerce business, which an outsourcing partner like this eCommerce website development company in India can assist you with.

Here, we stand as a mobile app development company in India efficient with mobile app development as well as eCommerce website development services those enhance the business growth and we thrive by them.


by guest blogger Manan Ghadawala

Author’s Bio:

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients.