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6 reasons why ORM companies are important for local business

In a world, dominated by the internet, it is unlikely to get successful in establishing a reliable reputation without connections in the digital world.

Although investing money is a massive concern for businesses, but targeting consumers is an art. Positive customer feedback can excite company sales; in contrast, negative responses can wreck the economy of the industry. Therefore, the business must have an effective strategy for constructing a good reputation.

Current research data concludes that 87% of consumers buy products after comparison with other brands offering the same product. Reputation has the power to regulate the number of customers that choose to invest their money in buying a product. And hence decides the fate of the business.

One digital tool that specializes in the art of building a reliable reputation of a business is Online
Reputation Management or ORM. ORM companies function by manipulating search engines and social websites, to fire up a business reputation. Adding to this, these companies strengthen business credibility in the consumer world. They are in charge of maintaining the image of the business, hence leading to bigger consumer flow and thrusting revenues.

Here are six reasons why ORM companies are important for local businesses:


SEO or search engine optimization is a technological tool that works by highlighting specific keywords which suit best with the content. A piece of well-researched information with relevant keywords would appear in the google search list and leads to traffic on the site. Traffic refers to the number of visits on the site. This means, the more the traffic, the higher the brand reputation.

Google processes through a series of complex algorithms. The algorithms work by selecting commonly searched keywords and discarding unwanted ones. A workable combination of keywords can bring content to the top. A measurement tool:  “Edelman Trust Barometer”, inspected that a total of 65% of people have trust in online search engines.

Consumers carry out full-length research before investing their money, on a business. The reputation of businesses is thus controlled by the correct usage of digital tools, which includes ORM.



Every consumer looks up the internet to know about the product they would like to purchase. Social media pages allow customers to post their experiences on the page’s review section. Reviews help other buyers, whether to proceed to buy the utility or not. For a company to establish a steadfast business, it is pivotal to satisfy the customers.

Picture courtesy: brightlocal

The graph explains the percentage of people trusting the internet regarding business reviews. Most frequent usage of business searches is by consumers of ages 18-34. Nonetheless, around 86% of consumers, regardless of age, carry out a business review search, online.

Based on an opinion by Juda Engelmayer, Herald PR, consumers are likely to vent their frustration and bad experiences with a business on social sites. A healthy provider, consumer relationship depends solely on the credibility of the business. Consequently, this relationship defines how effectively it fulfills the consumer’s needs.

The reliability of a business on social media is crucial for its continued growth. For local businesses to prosper, social credibility becomes a foremost necessity. ORM tools effectively handle such credibility.



It is paramount for a local business to introduce itself through appropriate marketing strategies. The number of consumers reached determines the gross revenue production of the business.

Marketing, before the inception of the internet, was implemented by renting gigantic billboards. These billboards showcased the excellent services offered by the business.

Such techniques are still in use but are now much dominated by the vast online world. The internet enables the business to market its products to abundant numbers of consumers. Plus, it also provides easy access to potential investors. Smart marketing will give an inevitable boost to the business sales taking into account the plethora of internet users.

It becomes mandatory for local businesses, especially to showcase their products online. ORM influences the way how a business profile appears online. And gives added advantage for the business, to appear on the internet through intelligent marketing.



Major success can sometimes give rise to resistance by opponents. This includes the hidden foes of the company’s owner. They can ruthlessly damage the company’s reputation by posting false claims and negativity regarding the business. One way they do this is by creating sites or groups, which spew hatred either for the company’s service or the owner.

This can induce a false image of the business in the minds of potential customers. Fake claims bring down the company’s sales at an alarming rate. One such incident made news when a 100year-old jewel firm’s social media rating reduced to 2.3 stars. Old customers were left puzzled, and this led to a tense investigation of the issue. It was found that bad reviews had been posted by culprits with fake profiles.

The sole solution to this menace is the digital handling of harmful sites and reviews. Reputation Management Company excels in eradicating these trouble makers. This will negate added stress for the company owner.



Setting a benchmark for competitors is one demanding task. Once built, it is not guaranteed for the business to stay put at the top of the search list. This requires optimum maintenance of the reputation and to give fair competition to the competitors. Profits in business are followed by another enormous hurdle, which involves maintaining the progress of the business.

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Taking into consideration, the vast number of social media users, a company must not think a second to make it known to the public. Local businesses are advised to stay active on such social platforms. It becomes essential for them to claim their place in the most wanted search list and not end up in the unwanted ones. ORM helps businesses to top the search list and continue having a healthy customer flow.


A competitive workforce is what builds up an optimum revenue-generating business. Local business owners stress over incompetent employees. The primary reason for concern is the payment of salaries to such workers in times of losses. The top employees, too, look up the internet to fetch for jobs that best suit their abilities.

Every resourceful job seeker is in search of businesses which would be lucky to have them as part of it. Local businesses need to understand the significant part of internet reputation that comes into play and how it aids in the recruitment of a useful workforce. ORM allows the business to filter the most suited employees. Job finders are in constant contact with the internet to hit their goal and end up with an employer company of their choice.

Reputation can either boost a company’s sales or destroy its credibility. Destruction occurs when frustrated customers review their bad experience online. Search engines such as Google are strict in following rules regarding the removal of genuine bad reviews. These stern rules pose a threat to unethical businesses. But still, there remains a possibility of fake reviews posted online. To avoid falling into the plight of losing money over a hoax, it is advisable for local businesses to take action regarding their image online. Such actions are effectively managed by ORM companies.

Article by Ashley Rosa
Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.