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5 smart ways to scale your SEO business

For every business – startups and enterprises – it is highly necessary to create awareness, especially if you desire your target audience to find your brand quite easily via the internet’s most popular search domains. From a range of traffic referrer resources, search engines – especially Google – help to generate around 60% of the entire traffic circulating around the internet.

In 2021, it is estimated that the percentage of the global population with access to the internet might reach 53.7% from 46.8% in 2017.





Moreover, if you had to weigh its stance amidst other search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing, you’d find Google to be highly prolific, generating around 70.6% of the entire traffic on the internet.



Today, around 2 trillion global users prefer referring to a search engine for their purposes – whether it’s for a purchase or just to find information on a specific source, entity or service.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since Google helps to generate at least three quarters of web traffic, there are certain factors that the search engine considers for the organic ranking of websites on its interface. Organic ranking on Google is simply defined as the natural placement of a website according to merit on search engine result pages (SERPs). To attain an ascending position on SERPs, it is highly necessary for a website to be authenticated, authoritative and trustworthy on a variety of Google’s ranking parameters.

The entire process of struggling to rank organically higher on Google, so that a certain brand can be found by a target audience, is known as Search Engine Optimization. The higher the SEO, the greater the chances of a brand to rank itself organically on SERPs, and consequently, this leads to higher traffic, lead generation and eventually, conversions and sales.

How do Search Engines Work

Google’s genius works under the influence of an algorithm, RankBrain that seeks to sift through hundreds of websites to bring your target audience the most relevant, authentic and prominent of all searches. This algorithm detects highly optimized and selective phrases – otherwise known as ‘keywords’ – that are the algorithm’s bread and butter along with other SEO strategies such as link building.

In simpler words, it’s Google’s job to bring you highly optimum results to facilitate your search in response to the keywords you enter into its interface. Keywords in SEO help to generate the most relevant of all searches. Link Building, however, helps to prove whether your webpage is authoritative, credible and trustworthy to acquire the top position as per the attained search result before Google.

5 Smart Ways to Scale your SEO Business

Consider typing the keyword, ‘cookie recipes’ on Google’s search bar. Since this keyword is generic and doesn’t cater to any specific cookie recipe, there are around millions of search results that are battling to rank higher to attain the top position on Google.



Moreover, if you intend on searching Google for a certain brand, for instance, ‘Offer Factor’, then typing its name into the search bar will help you find the most relevant of all webpages ranked topmost on its interface.  In addition, you’d also find a list of other related keywords that might help you in your search right below where the page ends. For instance, if you want to know about the brand’s various promotional offers, shipping policy or simply its terms and conditions, then you can use these keywords to conclude a more relevant search on Google.



There are around millions of webpages struggling to ascend higher on Google as a way to appear highly prolific, authentic and approachable towards a target audience, businesses might, at times, suffer from competition. To pave through competition, it is highly necessary that your business aims for a higher ranking through a more strategic approach. This approach consists of SEO strategies and campaigns that help you scale your business, only to rank your website organically and secure a top position on Google.

Mentioned below are 5 smart ways that help to scale your SEO business, therefore, helping your webpages climb the SERP ladder for the generation of a massive turnover in the form of traffic and revenue.

Hire Cheap SEO Analysts

SEO is layered more than a wedding cake – the top tier consists of quality content creation while the remaining two tiers combat with article directories on the internet and authentic link building strategies for rank tracking and monitoring etc. In simpler terms, SEO is not just a mixture of infusing wordplay into some of the most prolific websites on the internet – it requires far more labor than you have imagined.

With the amount of labor that you have to foresee with SEO, it is wise to hire a team of experienced SEO analysts who help elevate your brand on the forefront. However, when starting out, you have to wait till you can churn out an investment to hire an experienced SEO team. Instead of formidably hiring someone right from Craiglist or Glassdoor, come to terms with an intern so that they can take care of the chore for you. Your ultimate goal here is to find SEO analysts who might want to join your team for optimum career growth.

Constantly Refine for Improvement

It is necessary to train your employees at board so that you can refine your SEO processes for a faster yet prominent response rate. Before performing a task, try employing screen-recording or video-generating procedures to create a company standard that is evident of your brand’s consistency and culture. To scale your SEO business, you have to believe that there is always room for improvement. Therefore, try to scale out processes that require minimum to none brain exertion so that you can build automated strategies for an alternative yet faster approach.

Outsource Exhaustively

Even if you’ve built a robust digital marketing team with a specific department dedicated towards SEO, there might be a possibility that your SEO analysts may have a tough time with the chores at hand. If time is scarce or the line of work requires a lot of effort despite being completely monotonous and according to routine, then try outsourcing before your team comes crashing down. This allows your team to focus on more important gigs and strategies at hand as well.

SEO revolves around versatile set of tools – all of which help you to optimize and personalize your content for higher ranking on Google optimally. To promote this without posing a hindrance, try catering to a multitude of outsourcing websites such as Odesk, Freelancer and Elance to allot the job to specialists for speedy recovery.

Outsource exhaustively, but try to prevent repetitive marketing strategies or dull to low impactful campaigns for scaling your SEO business instantaneously. There is no shortcut here – as soon as you realize this, the better.

Undergo A/B Testing

Once you’ve streamlined a task, try to undergo A/B testing on the platform you’re about to scale your SEO business on. For instance, if you’ve created an application or a campaign, then undergo thorough A/B testing with surveys from your target audience before implementing the process. A/B testing can help you scale your SEO business by preventing any minor setback so that you maintain and elevate the ROI of your company. Setbacks and defects in process implementation and execution can lead to hindrances in the quality assurance of your brand as well.

Delegate to an SEO Company

An independent SEO company has its own set of goals, standards and methodologies. Moreover, the specialists help refine the processes that charge you a fortune for a massive turnover and profit. In addition, startups might take years to develop an authentic, time-efficient and thriving SEO team that complies with the company’s standard, culture and budget.

To prevent any time-intensive and cost-effective discrepancies in the leech, delegating to an external and independent SEO company might prove beneficial for the long-run. Hire an internal SEO team as well that can work in cahoots with your external SEO team and pick up or learn from them for remarkable advice on exponential growth.

Taking your brick-and-mortar store online or launching a brand new e-commerce store for your brand is perhaps one of the hardest yet scalable opportunities to date for the growth of your business. However, now that you’ve managed to venture into the avid space of internet, it’s time you fully embraced the advancements of technology for promotion, growth and awareness of your brand.

Author Bio: Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger who loves to write about latest SEO, SEM, and content related updates. She is a freelance writer and a part-time blogger for PNC Digital an Orlando based digital marketing agency. In her free time, she loves to play chess. Follow her on twitter.