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3 traffic generators to boost your search rank

For websites that are just starting out, building a significant source of traffic is dependent upon consumer awareness. This visibility is built through content, social media, advertising and SEO and, as we all know, it is hard to get noticed in the congested online arena. There is, however, a bevy of tools and software that you can use to build traffic and bump your site up in the SERPs, thereby providing a generous amount of organic visits. What you need is a traffic generator on your team.

A robust source of organic traffic is the goal in leveraging these types of technologies. They will not provide that by themselves, but they will produce two different types of traffic that can elevate your site to obtain the more natural variety. These tools can help you manifest traffic from exchange networks and bot traffic.

With traffic exchanges, the quality of the visitor is usually low — they will likely not convert. There is, however, the possibility of making a sale because these are still real humans visiting your site. If your offerings are truly great, you might gain a few customers this way, and every little bit counts.

Bot traffic, on the other hand, is essentially fake traffic for testing the load threshold of a website. You, of course, will not gain any conversions from robots, but they can still boost you in the SERPs.

If you do need some help in gaining visibility through search engines, traffic generators might be the way to go; temporarily. These are not long-term solutions, but can put you on the right track by creating the awareness needed for a substantial visitor source. Here are three traffic generators for building the attention your site needs and deserves.

1. Active Web Traffic

Active Web Traffic is a generator that helps to funnel real visitors to your website. The system is powered by a supple back end network and includes virtually everything you need to promote your site in the SERPs. Considering that the software is driving real individuals to your site, there is the potential to convert some visitors into customers.

The software comes at a one-time fee of $70 and is currently running within its ninth version. Along with a steady stream of visitors, Active Web Traffic provides keyword research tools, analytics, conversion analysis data, and other highly useful features.

2. AddMeFast

Social media is a huge portion of SEO. No matter if social signals are actually incorporated into ranking algorithms, social does provide continuous discoverability for your webpage. This has been noted by many, including Forbes contributor, Jason DeMers, when he said:

“Without social media, your inbound traffic is limited to people already familiar with your brand and individuals searching for keywords you currently rank for. Every social media profile you add is another path leading back to your site, and every piece of content you syndicate on those profiles is another opportunity for a new visitor.”

This is what makes AddMeFast a unique traffic exchange network. The generator not only provides a plethora of site hits from more than four million users in 220 countries, but also bolsters your social presence by providing Facebook likes, YouTube favorites, Google+ shares, retweets, and other social signal enhancements; everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest, SoundCloud, and more are all covered.

The software has a streamlined interface, excellent user support, and many have reported that conversion rates can dramatically increase through this service. The best part is that AddMeFast is free to use.

3. Traffic Spirit

Traffic Spirit is the English counterpart to the wildly popular Chinese version, Jingling. The Chinese software was so globally adored for its unique recipe for driving visits that Traffic Spirit was needed to meet the demand in the English speaking market.

The software is something like a traffic exchange in that running the service opens up a browser in the background, which then automatically surfs websites. It provides unique IP traffic because other users of the software are the ones visiting your site through the automated process.

Users can establish where they wish to receive traffic sources, be it Google, Baidu, Bing, or other engines, and authorize certain keywords for the traffic that helps to rank for those phrases. Additionally, Traffic Spirit will filter out any Trojans and various types of malware viruses to keep your PC protected. The system is compatible with various versions of Windows including XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Mac at this time.

After setting up, the software will run in the background 24/7 without intervention and is completely free to use. This is a great way to boost traffic and increase your Alexa ranking.

Traffic generators can certainly help you to climb the rankings faster than doing so with just content, SEO tools, and best practices. Do remember, however, this is something that should not be viewed as a long-term way of gaining traffic. These tools help you gain an optimal position in the rankings so that you can drive more organic visits to your site; this is your ultimate goal. Organic visitors are going to be the ones that you nurture and attempt to convert into lasting, if not life-long, customers.

by Tina Courtney
source: SiteProNews