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12 interesting instagram trends & statistics every marketer must know

We’ve all known that change is the only constant! It is also true in the real and virtual world. Social media is always changing and evolving. Instagram is one of the most trendiest platforms in the world. It has nearly 800 billion followers every month. 

As a marketer, you should stay on the top of these changes. In this article, we’re discussing a few Instagram trends and statistics that can help to develop your marketing strategy. 

Let’s get detailed!

Instagram Marketing Trends: 

1. Find More Content In The Explore Page 

Instagram offers an explore tab for users to make it easier to find new posts and accounts to follow. More than 200 million Instagram users visit the explore tab each day. It can help your brand and business be seen by more people. 

Here is the way to get the explorer page: 

  • Post your content at the perfect time. 
  • Use an engaging and appropriate call to action. 
  • Interact with other users relevant to your industry. 

2. IGTV Takes Center Stage 

Instagram TV is completely a new channel to show your creativity via long term videos. You can use IGTV to post up to 1 minute videos and preview them to your grid feed. If your content is engaging, you will get the chance people can tap to keep watching to see the full video. 

Here is the way to use IGTV: 

  • You can make vertice video content. 
  • Share previews of your IGTV videos to your feed and reach more viewers. 
  • Create an IGTV series that is relevant to your audience’s interests. 
  • Upload your existing video content to reach a great audience. 

3. Generate Revenue Via Instagram Shopping 

Instagram has become an entirely new revenue platform for small businesses. It can provide huge shopping features such as tag products in your posts and Instagram stories.  

It can help to get followers to your website, checking out and completing the entire purchase. Here are few ideas to use Instagram shopping:

  • Enable in-app checkout option, which can help your followers can easily purchase from you directly through Instagram. 
  • Tag a product on each of your Instagram posts and stories. 

4. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the fastest growing features, with nearly 500 million active users per day. In fact, you can make it easier to share your stories with more and more people. You can also have the option to share all of your Instagram stories to Facebook automatically. 

Instagram stories appear at the top of your follower’s homepage, so they can easily find your posts. If you upload engaging stories on your account, you will get a chance to receive real views for your Instagram stories and reach a greater audience. 

Smart Ideas to use Instagram stories: 

  • Take advantage of the story tools such as coloring, fonts, boomerangs, stickers, and more.
  • Cross promote your content to your Instagram page. 
  • Once you reach 10K followers, you can start to link your website regularly to boost traffic. 

5. Instagram Influencer Marketing 

Instagram marketing is a tried and true strategy that works effectively on Instagram. According to the research, micro influencers with less than 25K followers can receive higher engagement than influencers with a large following. 

Ideas to collaborate with perfect Influencers:

  • Find influencers whose audience is relevant to your brand. 
  • Once you find them, reach out to them with specific goals like building relationships, increase sales, build brand awareness, and more. 
  • Choose a package with pricing and see what the influencer will do to promote your brand. 
  • Create a hashtag to make it easier to track the success of your influencer. 

6. Instagram live Will Grow Your Popularity 

The Instagram live stream is one of the most popular features on Instagram. It is a two-way communication channel to interact with your real-time audience. Live stream offers a lot of possibilities for your business to enhance your marketing. 

You can use live videos in the following ways:

  • Host a Q&A session with your followers, and you can answer their queries.
  • Conduct interviews with industry experts or influencers. 
  • Launch a new brand, product, or service through live videos. 
  • Interact with some of your team and show the people behind your brand. 

The Instagram live feature provides an excellent opportunity to understand your customer concerns and get valuable feedback!

Instagram Statistics: 

7. Instagram User Stats 

  • Over 60 percent of users log in to Instagram every day. 
  • 88% of Instagram users are across the United States. 
  • Kazakhstan is the highest percentage of Instagram reach. 
  • Half of the Instagram user population is less than 34 years old. 
  • When it comes to gender, 51% of female users and 49% of male users use Instagram.
  • Instagram users upload an average of 100 million photos every day. 
  • 38% of users log in to Instagram multiple times a day. 

8. Instagram Usage Stats 

  • As of January 2020, Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users. 
  • More than 500 million users use Instagram on a daily basis. 
  • Approximately 11% of users in the United States shop on Instagram. 
  • Half of the Instagram account visits the explore page at least once per month.
  • Some Instagrammers have a high level of revenue.
  • On average, Instagram users spend 30 minutes per day. 
  • 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business account per day. 
  • 1 million Instagram Posts mention the word meme each day. 

9. Instagram Stories Stats

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram stories each day. 
  • Most brands are sharing many more stories than normal posts. 
  • One third of the most viewed stories come from Instagram business profiles. 
  • Instagram stories get a big advertising budget to the platform. 
  • Instagram brand stories have an 86% of completion rate. 
  • 50% of people have made a purchase after seeing a product or service in stories. 
  • Stories stickers can increase video views more than 83% of the time.
  • 70% of Instagram audiences watch stories daily. 

10. Instagram Ads Stats 

  • Instagram advertising revenue was nearly 20 billion dollars in 2020. 
  • 4 million businesses use Instagram stories ads every month. 
  • Instagram potential advertising reaches more than 1.16 billion users. 
  • Sponsored videos get 3x more engagement than photos. 
  • Instagram swipe up features perform better 89% of the time. 
  • 50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand when they advertise on Instagram. 

11. Instagram Video & Hashtag Stats 

  • Behind the scenes, videos are the most popular Instagram video content. 
  • IGTV Videos are 4 times larger than photos on the explore page. 
  • Instagram reels generate 67% more engagement than regular video posts.
  • IGTV automatic captions are available in 16 languages.
  • More than 7% of hashtags are branded hashtags.
  • A post with at least 1 hashtag can increase engagement up to 12.6%. 
  • A post with longer hashtags gets more results. 
  • 66% of Instagram posts include a hashtag. 

12. Instagram Content Hashtag

  • User generated content has more than a 4.5% of conversion rate than non-UGC.
  • Image with texture had a 79% high engagement rate. 
  • Images with more background space get 29% more likes than without it. 
  • Posts with location tags get 79% more engagement. 
  • 60% of brands use the same filter for their every post. 
  • 40% of people respond better to visual contents than plan texts. 
  • 59% of the content on Instagram is photo posts. 

Final Thoughts: 

Thanks for reading this article! 

Instagram is one of the most popular image and video sharing platforms in the world! After seeing these Instagram trends and statistics, you can’t miss the incredible and selling platform. You can use all of these strategies to your account and get more success on your Instagram marketing! 


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