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Transfer funds to Bitcoin Wallet for US Customers

By linking your US-based bank account with your Coinbase account, you can buy or sell bitcoin in exchange for USD. You can add your bank account information on the Payment Methods page.

Buy Bitcoin

When you buy bitcoin with a connected bank, it will take approximately 4 business days for the bitcoin to arrive in your Coinbase account.

Sell Bitcoin

When you sell bitcoin to your connected bank, it will take 2-4 business days for the USD to reach your bank account.

Transactions history

Until they are complete, all transactions will be listed as ‘Pending’. When buying bitcoin, we will send an ACH request to your bank immediately at the price displayed on the confirmation window.

After the funds have finished processing, you will see the funds available in your Coinbase account. You can view the timing of your orders by clicking on the specific transaction in question on your History page.

Alternatively, if you are in a supported state for the USD wallet and Exchange you can buy and sell bitcoin instantly from within your account by using the USD wallet or by transferring funds to the Exchange.

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