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How Images Can Help Drive More Traffic to your Website?

Images play a very important role in building a website. If you are an owner, you always want to create a stunning website to build an impression on your audience. Visuals work nicely for promoting your business no matter if you run social media campaign or you design a website, image search matters. It has to be gorgeous.

Further, you can add images, videos, and infographics to drive more traffic to your website. Visuals are of great importance in the present time, whereas technology provides complete support to organize photos and videos mannerly over a website. You can’t ignore the power of visuals in 2021, as it plays a convincing role to increase business.

A picture speaks everything about the products and services, as it is worth a thousand words. You can increase more clicks and find solid leads due to quality and high-resolution images. A photo also becomes a source of generating more likes and shares that boost customer engagement. What are the best tips to make your website work great with visuals?

Optimize Images for People

If you have already started an SEO plan to drive more traffic to your website, it is the right time to pay attention to images to multiply the results. You get more positive results when you add quality photos to your site. Don’t forget to optimize images for the audience. Of course, the audience comes in the form of people, so try to collect a massive database for your target market. How you can do it?

Keep Images relevant to your products

The first thing is to keep images relevant whenever you plan for image optimization. If your target is to drive traffic due to images, then you must not use irrelevant photos on your sites. Keep things relevant to stay on board. Make sure, you match images with the text within and outside the picture to grab the interest of your audience.

Use Accurate Size Image

If you want to optimize photos for people, you must also think big to make a big difference. Therefore, use accurate size images to attract your visitors. The size always matters in this process, as you can’t adjust inappropriate sizes while optimizing images for the target market.

Optimize RSS Feed

After using perfect size photos, the next important thing is to use an RSS feed to surprise your readers with engaging content and stunning images. You can grab the attention of your audience using quality images on the RSS feed. Take them to your website by using an interlinking strategy.

Focus on Using Faces

If you are on the way to optimizing images for people, make sure you focus on the faces to take things to a different level. Readers want to see faces when they search for something interesting. The face attracts more than the body, especially when it comes to eyes. If you want to optimize images, make sure you pay attention to the faces and that’s it.

Optimize Images for Search Engines

Another most important thing is to optimize images for search engines to drive more traffic to your pages. If you are worried about the results, you can rely on an image optimization technique that works great in such situations. How can you optimize images for search engines? Here are some techniques you can follow!

Compress Images

For better optimization, you should compress images to convert them into appropriate sizes. The size matters for optimization, whereas heavy sizes don’t work for users. For this, you must also reduce the number of images per page. Make sure, you don’t select unnecessary photos when taking this step.

Use Accurate Keywords

The use of keywords also helps people to find accurate photos for optimization. If your target is to optimize photos, make sure you put long-tail and relevant keywords that define the images in a decent way. You must also use them in the alt text to avoid confusion. Don’t forget to add page titles as well.


After you manage keywords, also write descriptions for the images to settle the optimization. You can increase the length of the description other than following the alt tag method. It leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

If you follow these strategies for the purpose to optimize images, you can successfully drive more traffic to your website just because of this step. Hence, you don’t have to be worried when choosing an image optimization strategy to inspire your target market.
by Mian Mohsin