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PPC and SEO: Why they work as a dynamic duo

Breaking into the online market with advertisements can be trickier than it appears to be.

A single campaign can do amazing on its first month then suddenly fail on the next, leaving you scratching your head in wonder. This is why it’s difficult for small businesses as well as startups to create an effective strategy in sizing their business and in catering to their customers’ needs.

As a marketer or a business owner, you should consider a good mix of SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising as your strategy to ace your digital marketing approach. To do this, you should pay particular attention to certain factors such as your website’s:

  • On-page Optimization: Are your metadata and other elements properly indicated to allow search engines to crawl your website’s contents?
  • External Links: Does your website have backlinks from relevant websites?
  • PPC: Is your website properly set-up to allow PPC campaigns to run smoothly?

Once these factors are ironed out, you might consider diving in on establishing your PPC and SEO campaigns. But before you do, what effects do these two really have for a business?

Here are some important benefits that this duo can bring for your business:


One of the most obvious benefits that SEO and PPC can provide is exposure. With the right SEO and PPC campaigns, your website will be able to appear in more search results on SERPs, therefore making it easier for your potential customers to see your website.

One common mistake that businesses do with PPC, however, is complacency.

Once they rank number one for a certain keyword, they tend to reduce their PPC efforts for that keyword.

You should keep in mind that the top two or three search results on SERPs tend to be PPC ads. Asserting your website’s dominance both on organic and paid results will not only increase traffic but will also give the impression that your business is an established authority in that particular market.

Organic Content Strategy

Using both PPC and SEO practices for your digital marketing strategy allows both to feed off each others’ strengths.

One of the most useful benefits that this synergy can provide is when you use PPC content titles, pieces of copy, as well as advertisements to slowly build an organic content strategy for SEO. Most of the time, what works well for PPC will also work well in SEO.

You can even use PPC as your testing ground to see what will stick. Because PPC runs with funds and has a definite timeline you’ll be able to gather data rather than waiting for it to organically gain traffic or fail.

Real-time Experiments

PPC and SEO can also help you in experimentation when running geographically-based campaigns. This dynamic will allow you to experiment more easily with PPC as it is easier to tweak certain components of a campaign here.

For instance, you can run a PPC campaign with a wider scope for a website in New Zealand and use the data gathered to steer a focused SEO in Auckland.

Experimenting with SEO, on the other hand, would take more time because you would still have to wait for Google to re-index the changes you made on a website before you see its results.

Optimized Landing Page

You’re basically sitting on a goldmine when you take PPC and SEO into consideration when optimizing your landing pages.

SEO experts can provide their PPC counterparts critical information about customer intentions as well as their demands which can significantly improve click-through-rates and decrease bounce rates.

On the other hand, PPC strategists are in a great position to use their insights around online consumer activity to make better advertisements that only appear to those who are most likely to convert. 

Encourage Visitors to Return

You might think it’s already time to celebrate once your SEO investments come out with its returns. Even if your website already ranks higher, don’t be too ecstatic just yet.

Potential new customers can easily change their minds and they may leave your website for a number of factors that you might never know. Most website visitors are only out for information and might only be comparing your products and offers to others. Without a solid plan for this, it might be hard to get them to return.

Be sure to always leave pixels on your landing pages so you can easily track your customers and present them with targeted PPC advertisements.

More Data for Decision Making

Ultimately, your PPC and SEO efforts aren’t only beneficial for each other. The value they posses could also have an effect on your day-to-day business operations, as well as in your long-term directions.

Keep monitoring data such as your click-through-rate, bounce rates, time on site, and conversion rate. These will not only help you determine the right keywords for better sales but will also assist you in business decisions down the road.