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How to Promote YouTube Videos in 2022

Dear YouTubers,

Now you can promote YouTube videos with the PPCmate programmatic advertising platform. Start promoting your videos easily to millions of audiences from any country or device.

Receive instantly real views on your videos and boost the exposure and popularity of your YouTube channel. Simply create a new pop-under campaign and get thousands of video views, with likes and subscribers.


The Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Create a new pop-under campaign and add your YouTube video link.

2. Enable the Visits cap and set it to 1 per 7 days.

3. Add Geo-Targeting – Select Multiple Countries.

4. Set the bid rate from $0.0004 to $0.0007.

5. Select only Premium traffic sources.

6.  Select Technology: Chrome Browser and Android devices.

7.  Save the new campaign and wait for the activation.


Setting Screenshots


Satisfaction Guarantee

After running hundreds of successful YouTube promotion campaigns with PPCmate, we have analyzed that traffic from Android devices and Chrome browsers works best with YouTube. Maybe because Google owns all brands. The fact is that the recommended settings are the best for the moment.

Please note that you will get different results (discrepancy) by comparing the total purchased traffic and YouTube video views. Don’t worry about it, focus on the total YouTube video views and the PPCmate campaign’s budget.

YouTube counts views only if a visitor stays more than 30 seconds on your video. Also, each video content provides unique results, including views, likes, and subscribers.

We cannot guarantee specific results or budget for specific views. Still, we can guarantee that with the PPCmate advertising platform, you can promote your YouTube videos safely and cheaply.

Make sure you follow the above instructions, and success is in your hands. Start promoting your YouTube videos now! For any questions or help, please contact us. We will be glad to set up a free YouTube promotion campaign for you!

Good Luck and Happy Promotion, YouTubers!