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How to optimize your campaign

1. Source sampling

You can make the capping for any source (it’s better to use domain) per any period of time to be able to check as many sources as possible. How it works. Let’s say you will make capping for 1000 impressions per domain per 1 day. It means you won’t get more than 1000 impressions from one domain within one day and as a result you will get traffic from lots of domains. Afterwards you will open reports, make a break down by domains and check the performance of all the domains. Like this you will find out which ones work better for you and which one are to be blacklisted.

2. Optimization rules

Here you can create any rule that works for you, which will automatically blacklist the sources which are not under the rule. Let’s say your CPM is 1$ and you don’t wanna spend more than 10$ per one conversion (just an example!). The rule to be implemented will be like “For domain if impressions > 10000 and conversions < 1 in today then blacklist”. Like this all the sources with more than 10000 impressions and less then 1 conversion will be blacklisted every hour starting from the time when you have implemented the rule. You can use accepted clicks in stead of impressions in the rule or you can implement your own rule, which will help you to filter unwanted traffic.

3. Use conversion tracking

Pixel, image or postback – that’s the way to track your success and to make the optimization simpler.