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How programmatic native advertising will increase your profits

Success with advertising is not just about changing the strategies that you use, such as appealing to emotion in one campaign or using an eye-catching and funny series of photos in another.

To continue to reach the customers you want and to remain relevant, you also have to change the formatting of your ads and the way you run your campaigns. The online landscape changes too frequently for you to remain complacent and expect to get results.

The latest in advertising technology – programmatic native advertising – promises to help you get results and increase your profits. Here’s how:

Reach the Right Customers

Native advertising programs like In-Feed from CodeFuel help you reach the right customers with a user-intent-based algorithm.

The proprietary technology learns user habits over time so that it serves up the right ads for the right users. In-Feed then places native ads based on the website, the device being used, and other factors.

To get the same kind of targeting in your other advertising, you would have to spend hours and hours doing tedious research, and then you’d still be doing a little guessing. In-Feed takes the guesswork out of it and ensures that your ads are being shown to the right people.

By reaching the right people, you get more sales and leads, which is one huge part of the equation for bigger profits.

Evade Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are wreaking havoc for advertisers.

The majority of online users now have an ad blocker installed on one or more devices. Mobile users have ad blockers installed in even greater numbers, and mobile is a primary target for advertisers as the segment continues to grow.

Ad blockers are costing businesses billions of dollars in lost sales. Native advertising helps companies reach more of their audience by avoiding detection by this growing menace.

Native advertising looks like editorial content in most cases, and it is always designed to have the look and feel of the website on which it is placed. Therefore, ad blockers are more likely to identify these ads as native to the site. Most programs will not block it, ensuring that it gets seen by the desired audience.

The combination of native ads avoiding ad blockers and ads chosen to reach a specific audience means that programmatic native advertising can maximize the return you get for your advertising budget.

Lower Research Costs

Market research can eat up a lot of your budget and man power.

You can hire a firm to do it for you, but you’ll pay a pretty penny. Or you can do it yourself, but you’ll need a dedicated team who spends hundreds of hours on the work. Either way, you’re going to pay dearly for the info.

Of course, you can’t get the sales you want without the right research, so most companies suck it up and pay the money. But there’s a better way to handle it that will cost less and still give you the information you need.

Programmatic advertising makes it so that you don’t have to do the research. The advanced algorithm does the work for you by analyzing user-intent signals and turning them into actionable insights. You’re able to show the right ads to the right people without doing anything at all.

By using these programs, you can decrease your bottom line. You don’t have to spend the money on the research firm or on the extra man hours. You can channel that money into developing other parts of your business, or you can bank it with the rest of your profits.

Increase Ad Revenue

Most brands also sell advertising on their own websites – especially if they have acquired a large following.

Selling advertising (for non-competing brands, of course) can help you to increase profits and get even more out of the traffic you have worked so hard to get.

Becoming part of a native advertising program gives you the opportunity to increase ad revenue as a publisher, as well. You display the ads on your site, and you make more money since the ads are better targeted to your visitors.

You can also rest easy knowing that the native ads will not detract from the user experience on your site. Even if certain visitors don’t like the ads they are shown, they are not as likely to be bothered by these ads or to leave your site because of them.

Programmatic native advertising offers great potential to help you increase your profits, both through increasing ad revenue and through increasing sales and leads. The technology of the future will help you reach more of the customers you want without putting in as much effort. You can get more results without having to dump a lot of resources into the process. Check out In-Feed and find out more about this superior advertising programming fueled by predictive technology.

by Asaf Hartuv
source: B2C