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Great methods to monetize a blog

Blogging is incredibly popular as the internet is home to hundreds of millions of blogs, from people all over the world. They also run the gamut when it comes to content. Some blogs focus on sports, some on beauty, some on car, some on food and on dozens of other topics. If you can think about a topic, there is a good chance that there is at least one blog about it.

For some, they just do it to have fun, share their thoughts with others or educate the public. However, some other people want to eventually make some money off of their blog. But how are you supposed to make money from a blog? Thankfully, there are several ways that you can go about getting paid for posting content to your blog. 

Without any further ado, let’s go over a few great methods when it comes to monetizing a blog.


One of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money from their content is by placing advertisements on the page. In most cases, these ads will be PPC (pay-per click) and the blogger will be paid a small amount anytime someone clicks on the ad. There are other types of ads, that include banner and display ads. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to having ads on your blog is placement. Ads can be placed anywhere on the page in many cases, but it is important to put them in the right place.

However, simply having ads on your blog (or any other monetization method) won’t make you money unless you deliver quality content that is valuable to your audience. Thankfully, there are online resources for blogging like Today With Jay that can help you make sure your content, SEO and other important parts of your blog are quality. Ads on your blog also become more lucrative once you have developed a larger audience.

Sponsored Posts

Another great way to monetize your blog is by creating sponsored posts. You can work alongside companies to review their products or tell your readers about them. The company will pay you for introducing their product or service to your readers. Of course, if you decide to make a sponsored post, you need to be open about it. 

If you try to pass off a sponsored post as organic, it can hurt both your website and the company you are working with. All sponsored posts should be labeled as such and you need to be upfront about them. Transparency is very important, and your readers will appreciate it. While you can technically make sponsored posts about any product or service, it’s a good idea to make sure it is about something that your audience is interested in seeing or learning about.

Sell a Course or Ebook

Another way to monetize is to sell an ebook, course or coaching. These can all add value to your readers, while also making you some money. These ebooks and courses can be on nearly any topics from web design, to blogging, to programming or any number of other things. Simply find what you are good at, and create a course/ebook to help others develop similar skills.

In most cases, selling pre-made courses or ebooks can be passive income that won’t take a lot of effort on your end beyond the initial creation of them. Also, if you can teach a skill that is hard to learn, in a very simple way, you could see a lot of success. Of course, depending on your content and audience, you could even create or sell a product, too.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another simple and potentially lucrative way to monetize your blog. It simply involves you promoting products and getting a commission for every sale you bring in. So if you have a sports blog, you could put affiliate links for things like sports memorabilia or gear onto your blog. 

This method is especially good for newer bloggers, as you don’t have to create your own product or offering, and can simply get a small kickback for helping someone sell theirs. It gives you the potential to make a lot of money, and with so many different affiliate networks and products out there, finding one that fits your niche should be easy. As with many of these methods, a larger audience often means more money being made.

In conclusion, we hope this article has helped you understand some of the great methods you can use to monetize your blog. Each of the methods has a lot of promise and can help you finally start to make money from your blog.