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8 Smart Ways to Boost Your Online Sales Through Social Media

Social media platforms are the gateway to increasing sales and visibility for your business and on how to start a blog. You are assured of getting the most number of audiences with strategically placed posts. It saves you money and time to put up a social media campaign versus offline media. You also get responses and gauge the reception of the market which helps you adjust your approach to make it more effective.

Here are tips to help you maximize your online sales:

1. Use Hashtags

A hashtag may be a word or phrase that is preceded by a hash mark (#). This is used in a message to identify keywords or topic. When someone uses a hashtag to a post, this is indexed in the social network and can be searchable by others. In using a hashtag, make sure you hashtag a general topic and then hashtag your product or what best defines your business.

2. Build Brand Loyalty

There are lots of ways to build brand loyalty through social media. Using videos is an effective way to increase brand loyalty. It gives a better feel of the product or your company versus just plain text and pictures. It is more energetic and a break away from posts that are content driven. Create a compelling story about your brand or company’s journey that they can be invested emotionally and make it interactive so they can have a feel and say as if they’re a part of the company’s success. Be active on Facebook and other social media platforms. Use live broadcasts to answer questions of your customers or to share your thoughts. Listen to your customers. When they post or tweet about your brand, make it a point to react and respond.

3. Generate Leads Through Giveaways

Getting leads through contests and freebies is a great way of attracting new interest on how to start a blog and in your product or business and help existing loyal customers fell engaged and rewarded. It will help you grow your customer base, increasing brand awareness that generate leads and sales.

4. Boost Product’s Desirability with Images

Visual Marketing is critical in hitting your target area or market. Visual content is twice effective than text content. To increase visual content’s efficacy, use image tagging so your images can have enhanced context and making them easier to locate. Image tagging is when you add descriptive information of the image that is uploaded. This will boost your image in search rankings on search engine and help you reach your targeted customers.

5. Participate in the Community

Search for sites or blogs with common interests or with whom you share the same niche. Within these groups, you can obtain more customers who are already your target market. This makes sourcing easier.

6. Monitor Your Social Media Influence

Monitoring your social media influence will help you get valuable feedback by seeing your market’s reaction to your latest campaigns or services. By listening to your customer’s feedback, you can tailor your products or services to their needs. Using monitoring tools will help you interact with your customers and make you more accessible to them. Monitoring status also helps you anticipate and avert probable negative press or social media disasters that may occur.

7. Add An Online Store Directly Onto Social Media Platform

Add a shopping cart on Facebook for ease of transactions making it easier for customers to access your products and services. This holds true for other sites. Make sure you maximize all avenues to provide customers with seamless transactions.

8. Go Mobile

Create visibility in mobile apps. Set up a mobile site. Social media is heavily accessed through mobile phones and any promos and offers you put in will be accessible through a phone. Make sure that your mobile site is efficient and mobile friendly where purchasing products are made easy.


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