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11 of the pros and cons of Digital Marketing

Here, we come again across the two major topics of discussion among the techies of this generation – Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development. While naming them in this article, I am not discussing both of them separately but Digital Marketing for Mobile App development. To the business people reading this, development of a mobile app in itself is a big and time-consuming task and then promoting and marketing that applications add up to the over-times. While at many times, you might get a strike with some thoughts while working extra for promoting your mobile app or looking out for a digital marketing strategist to do the task for you.

You might be thinking, why exactly do I need to do digital marketing of my app? What will I gain from this extra activity that I won’t get otherwise? If I face any odds because of this, then what?Today, I will be addressing all your Whys’, Whats’ and Ifs’ in this article hoping that you find a worthy answer to your questions. We will look at what odds and evens digital marketing bring to mobile app development.

Some Not-so-goods

1. Eats up your time

Well, it is unceasingly true that the clock keeps ticking whether do or don’t do anything. However, while dealing with the mobile app development, it will be quite less possible that you would be sitting idle. Here, we talk about digital marketing for your business’ mobile app. It eats your time like anything, and you don’t even realize it at that time and later get burdened because of a deficit of time to do other things. Digital Marketing needs you to stay digitally available for several different activities. You need to update and publish many things online regarding your mobile app niche or your mobile app to reach and stay in the first few lines of the page. You need to do much research to update things providing correct information with all the gist which again consumes a lot of your time. Once you publish a post, you need to stay online and answer to questions or comments of the viewers to engage with them and build trust. Counting to this, it takes a much time practically to complete all these activities.

2. Negation may also trail

While you are exposed to a vast audience online, some may find it all productive and informative, while some may make it sound forge and pile your post with negative comments. Well, this does not mean that your company is at fault or updating wrong all the times. There are many deceitful or miscreant entities out there on the web who want to pull every growing brand down for some of the other reason or no reason at all. They have more free time than you have and are always up on the media to see any posts and throw out the negative comments on it. So, if you don’t have any proper digital media management, you fall into the trap and may end up losing your brand image and credibility among your viewers. To curb up this problem, you either need to hire a digital marketing expert or take assistance from a company dealing with all the digital marketing strategies and activities.

3. You may lose the grip

Here, I add one more point to the previous one; the negation can take the control out of your hands on the social media. As we see that negative comments can ruin your business image; it can also take off the control from your hands to re-develop the trust among the online market. You may end up losing your brand to the creeps on the web and never be able to build the trust again. Digital marketing, not only exposes you to time-consumption but also to unknown threats which you might not be thinking of even.

4. Lowers your Brand’s voice

As we already understood that digital marketing is not a farm that can be harvested alone. You need to hire a team for practicing all the activities, which sometimes leads to a jumble of several separate minds and opinions because of weak bonding of the individuals. This situation may get up to posting several different thoughts on social media from a single source which may end up confusing the audience. This confusion can end up with the audience leaving your blog and your brand which may cause the loss on your social visibility.

5. Need to wait long for the returns.

Here, I am talking about the returns on investment. Whether you hire the digital marketing experts or do it yourself, it is sure to ask you either financial or time’s investment, and that too a quite considerable amount. However, with digital marketing, you need to be patient enough to wait for your publications gather more audience, them liking your work and giving you positive reviews; ultimately increase in revenue. However, to get this all as the return, you have to wait for a considerably long time which is one sad thing about digital marketing. Well, we read about the things in digital marketing which can make a mobile app development company mourn. However, there also exist other things that will wipe the tears out of your heart and cover up all the odds mentioned above.

Very, very goods

6. Comes at a lower investment

Okay, we understood that you would have to invest money and time in digital marketing, but hey, compare it to the traditional methods. Traditional marketing takes a massive amount of money to invest in different elements such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets and then hiring people to spread those things physically across the public. That seems quite old-fashioned and does not give the brand impression that we require. Whereas, when we come to digital marketing, the internet is already available to you, and the online tools that you may use are mostly one-time investment and work continue as programmed. Further, hiring a digital marketing strategist only gives you lots of benefits with marketing and helps to manage your brand image. Initially, it is free of cost to join all the social media accounts and publish about your business on them. Also, it will direct the relevant audience to your business who are genuinely interested in dealing with your services. This one advantage can give your pocket a sigh of relaxation.

7. Quicker reach to Audience

As we all see nowadays, the internet has helped to develop a vast community online supporting to find anything and everything on the net. If you have marketed your mobile app nicely on the web, you are bound to attract a large number of audience. For Mobile Apps, you need more and more people checking about the features of your mobile app and downloading it in their phones. This is only possible with the online reach to audience. It lets you quickly tell the audience about your app, and you can reach a massive bulk of people at a time with a single social media post.

8. Interacts with your audience nicely

When you are into a business, you need support to communicate with your users and viewers properly. Digital marketing assists you to connect to the viewers through various media and develop your brand studding with diamonds. Instead of a column or article in a newspaper, you can run a complete website, a Facebook page or both. You can post a blog as and when you want which will help you get more visibility through your website and social media. You can create short ads and integrate with your posts on different media or post the videos in general on your social media business page. This way, the marketing of your business will not be irritating your viewers and intrigue them to keep following you. The more people following you, the more are the chances you get the conversion from viewers to consumers. This way you will be connecting to your viewers on a more delicate note and develop your brand.

9. Exposure and Engagement

Digital Marketing gives you exposure to connect with a large number of viewers. With the supremacy of the internet, you can connect your business with people across the globe which helps you widen your market area reach. You get the chance to showcase your mobile app features to the world and get the downloads from various zones in a short time. Also, digital marketing helps you to engage with the audience at your ease as you don’t need to go physically in front of them and you can communicate with more than one person at a time. You can discuss with them about your mobile app features and explain to them how good it can be for them to have downloaded your mobile app. With this dedication to engagement of yours, you get to build utmost trust with the audience and the users who will become your clients for a long-term.

10. Easy to Scale

You are at a growing stage of your business and mobile application, and looking forward to doing a massive scale marketing? Not to worry at all! With Digital Marketing, you can apply as much marketing strategies as you want and in your control. The online media is quite scalable. It does not leave you numb when thinking about what next to apply to gain more users. You can easily and quickly scale your digital marketing strategies and activities without any hassle.

11. You can analyze and strategize

When you are considering mobile app development for your business, you need to do much analysis. You can compare the ratings and indexing of your business website and app with that of your competitors’. While you do marketing about your mobile app digitally, you get a chance to analyze the flow of incoming traffic as well. You can check what brings the traffic to your website and ultimately to the downloads. Once you get the analytical view of each area of the strategies applied, you get a chance to develop and alter the approach to gain more and more traffic and users. The opportunity to create and apply several strategies gives you the power to boost your mobile app’s market. With the help of improving strategies, you can control the fraudsters from ruining your online image and allows you to maintain your brand online.


Did you find what you were seeking?

We all know this fact that every coin has two sides. Same way the good and the bad are the two sides of a coin. There are many disadvantages of digital marketing, but on the other side, it has got many advantages covering up those disadvantages. If we consider the overall discussion, it is quite advantageous to count on digital marketing for your mobile application. Staying digitally available will help you spread more across the mobile app market and assist you in knowing the areas of improvement so that you don’t get that negative review again. However, there can be other side-effects as well; let us know what do you find good and bad about Digital Marketing for your mobile app.


article by guest blogger Manan Ghadawala

Author Bio:
Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter