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Social media marketing – why your business needs it


In this digital age, everyone spends hours and hours on social media platforms each day. Social media can provide your business with the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Gone are the days of relying on ads on television and in the paper. Whether you sell shipping containers or run a local eatery, a social media presence will benefit your business in many ways. Social platforms allow you to connect with customers and increase brand awareness.

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Interacting with Customers

Social media isn’t just an ad, it’s a powerful way to interact with your customers. Posting content that is both educational and entertaining can be effective in engaging your audience. There are so many ways to connect with your customers. Play with new ways to deliver information to your followers to keep things new and fresh. Take them on a tour of the daily running of the business through a live Vlog, or hold competitions on Instagram to promote your products and services.

When it comes to communication, break down the barriers between your business and your customer. Get rid of those traditional customer contact platforms like online query forms or customer service lines. Try answering questions on Facebook or Twitter! This is a great way to respond quickly to questions and concerns. You can learn more about what your customers need and what they are looking for from your business.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customers love it when their favourite brands are on social media! This is because they know you are willing to spend time building a connection with them. Your followers will appreciate it when you provide them with quality content. Post some useful information about your products or services from time to time. Respond to questions and queries your customers may have. Feature something entertaining once in a while. This will not only help you add value to your business, but increase customer loyalty.

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Authentic Engagement

Traditional marketing methods often use a hard-sell approach. Social media marketing allows businesses to connect with their audience genuinely. Customers love a personal touch and authenticity.

Rather than trying to sell, sell, sell, social media allows your business to build relationships with customers. This can completely transform your brand. Use your brand’s social media profiles to get involved with the community or local charities. This will show your customers that you are interested in important issues in the community, while also bringing awareness to the local charities involved.

When you’ve built a good rapport for your business through social media, you’ll also find that soon, your followers spread the word! People love hearing feedback from existing customers and look for reviews when looking for a product or service. Next thing you know, your customers will be promoting your brand for you.

Stay in Competition

With so many brands incorporating a social media presence into their marketing strategy, it’s important to keep up! Your competitors are bound to have a social media channel by now, maybe even two or three. It may feel intimidating when trying to build a social media presence when there are so many other established accounts out there, but not to worry!

Social media marketing is an affordable and effective way to build brand awareness, so it’s never too late to start. By making sure you have a good social media marketing strategy, you will yield great results. Post regularly and always find time to engage with followers. Take the time to develop your business’ voice and post quality content. This way, your brand will surpass those who have been on social media for longer than you have!

With so many different marketing strategies out there, social media marketing is by far the most relevant in our modern society. Social media plays a giant role in promoting your brand and growing your business. It’s time to give your customers the personal touch and connection with your brand they deserve!


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Creative writer Harper spends many working hours writing and editing articles for blogs and local Kiwi sites while also running her personal blog. Apart from writing, Harper likes to spend time catching up on the latest business and technology trends.