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How to improve the bounce rate of a Pop-under ad

What is and how Pop-under ads work

Pop-under ads are online advertising that, when clicked, open a new browser window hidden behind the active window. These ads are typically used to promote products or services and are often displayed on websites that many people visit. The advantage of pop-under ads is that they are less intrusive than pop-up ads, which most web browsers can block. However, they can be considered annoying by some users, and ad-blockers can block them. Advertisers often use them to increase the visibility of their ads, as they can stay open for an extended period of time, even after the user closes the main browser window.

The 10 ways to improve the bounce rate

Ensure the ad is relevant to the website it is displayed on: Visitors are more likely to engage with an ad relevant to the content they are viewing.

Use a clear and compelling landing page: It will grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to click on the links.

Use a strong and persuasive call-to-action: A strong and persuasive call-to-action will encourage visitors to engage with the ad.

Optimize the ad for mobile devices: With the increasing use of smartphones, it’s essential to ensure that the ad is mobile-friendly.

Use A/B testing: Try different versions of your popunder ad to see which one performs better in reducing bounce rate.

Target the right audience: Use targeting options to show the ad to people more likely to be interested in your offering.

Use retargeting: Showing the ad to people who have previously visited your website can increase their chances of engaging with it.

Use exit-intent pop-ups: These can be used to offer visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information or other engagement before they leave.

Use frequency capping: Limit the number of times an ad is shown to a visitor in a certain period of time. This will avoid annoyance and increase the chances of engagement.

Use premium traffic sources: Ensure you target your advertising campaigns with only premium traffic sources. This will increase the CPV price but will also improve the bounce rate.

If you are still facing an issue with the bounce rate, please get in touch with our support team.