Programmatic Ads and how to improve the CTR

Using software to purchase digital advertising (online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns etc.) isn’t new, though many companies are still learning the nuances of how to make this...

Five things publishers can do to increase revenue

In their Programmatic Advertising Forecast, eMarketer states that non-programmatic spend – the traditional insertion order based deals – is in steady decline and that programmatic advertising has increased year on...

What automated ads mean for advertisers

The advertising industry, like many other industries, is abuzz about “AI” and “machine learning”. Much of the talk is focused on what the near future holds for us, but there are already quite a few new products...

The state of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is growing rapidly, but marketers need to educate themselves on its intricacies and work closely with their media agencies to avoid nasty surprises. Programmatic advertising is accounting for...