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The Benefits of RON Traffic


Getting your business found on the Web has never been more important—or, seemingly, more complicated. Navigating the options of digital marketing companies, from search engine optimization to keyword-driven Google AdWords campaigns, to run-of-network (RON) advertising, can quickly leave business owners scratching their heads.

We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone, and that you already hold all the expertise you need. How is that possible? Because the expertise needed to navigate the digital marketing landscape is expertise about your business and your industry. Those factors, more than any others, help determine where you should invest marketing resources, and how you might want to divide them among the various channels.

In other words, no single digital marketing channel is best for all businesses. From stages of business and product development to industry niches, each has a time and place to exploit the various benefits of paid services. There’s only one constant: accountability. With clear data and measurable results, you will enjoy unambiguous knowledge about the return on your investment from any service.

As for today, we’re going to cover the benefits of RON traffic. Not sure if it’s right for your business? Read on.

The Critical Differences between Keyword-Based and Run-of-Network Traffic

Most paid advertising focuses on keywords. Keywords are anything a user punches into a search engine box. Most paid advertising works by bidding on keywords and paying for impressions (appearances in search engine results pages) or click-throughs. Not surprisingly, more “competitive” keywords—those that attract large retailers or valuable demographics—have significantly higher per-click or per-impression rates.

RON campaigns, on the other hand, provide access to an entire network of advertising space. Once you choose an advertiser, you simply deploy your ad to a subset of their advertising network. You may choose to filter your ad placement based on general site demographics, such as average age or broad industry, but you’re not focused on specific keywords.

Why RON Traffic Is Great for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be a challenging metric. It doesn’t provide the same clear results as e-commerce conversions. That said, no one in the marketing world doubts its relevance. Even Google has made significant changes to its algorithm to favor large brands in its organic search results. Building your brand may lead to improvements in organic search.

So how does RON traffic help build brand awareness? RON traffic is critical for brand awareness because of its ability to place your advertising content in front of a large audience. If your product appeals to a wide range—or even a wide demographic—of customers, RON traffic offers an easy way to get your message out to hundreds, thousands, or millions of potential customers.

This exposure is incredibly valuable for emerging brands or new product launches. Rather than entering the competitive bidding world of keyword advertising, where advertisers expect and pay for immediate conversions, you can enjoy the benefits of general awareness built through RON traffic.

And if you’re advertising in a less competitive space, there’s another critical benefit: cost effectiveness.

Why RON Traffic Is Great for Businesses with Limited Resources

The cost effectiveness of RON traffic is unparalleled in keyword-based advertising. With keyword-based advertising, any word or phrase that closely approximates your demographic may have a prohibitively high bid requirement.

Yet while RON traffic will not target your demographic as closely, it’s far more likely to provide inexpensive access to your key customer persona, even if that represents only a portion of viewers to whom the ad is served.

Cost savings occur on another front as well. Because RON traffic attracts a wide audience, you’ll be tasked with developing only a single advertisement. This saves hours of investment required by keyword-targeted ads, which demand uniquely tailored design and content for each keyword in order to maximize investment. With RON traffic, busy business owners can put forward their single best design and call to action and let the advertising agency handle the rest.

Still not sure if RON is right for your business? Ask yourself: What is the goal of your paid advertising campaign? If you have an existing, well-known product, maybe keyword-targeted paid advertising is your best choice, so that you can hone in on your demographic. However, if you’re looking to expand your consumer audience—or your brand—RON traffic offers an inexpensive way to get your message out across a wide range of sites. What’s more, it offers the efficiency of developing a single advertisement to serve the entirety of your client base.

Source: Bluelink Marketing