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Tag : customer loyalty


Successful selling only begins with the sale

Let’s face facts. Sales people love to close sales, because that is how they are incentivized, through sales commissions. Call it the thrill of the hunt. And, most sales teams, sales managers and sales pipeline...

Marketing advice from 3 funded fashion startups

Developing your brand as a startup is a tall task. In fact even though starting a company today might be easier, launching a brand is tougher than ever before due to the proliferation of new companies hitting the...

3 ways for content marketers to encourage...

This could be the defining year when marketing fully transforms from stagnant strategy to streamlined messaging across multiple platforms. A wealth of emerging tools is enabling marketers to take advantage of new...

7 tips to help your brand win at social media

Having a strong social media presence is crucial for essentially every brand– no secret there; you are already well aware of this essential need. However, the wrong social media approach can disengage followers,...
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