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What automated ads mean for advertisers

The advertising industry, like many other industries, is abuzz about “AI” and “machine learning”. Much of the talk is focused on what the near future holds for us, but there are already quite a few new products...

Should PPC agencies be scared of automation?

Paid search professionals might be nervous about losing their jobs to automation, but columnist Anna Shirley makes the case that PPC automation may actually benefit them. I’m sure many of us working in PPC (or across...

Why is marketing so dang hard?

As marketing grows ever more complex, columnist Scott Vaughan has some practical tips for marketers on how to simplify your efforts so that you can better focus on the outcomes that matter. I’m sitting around with a...

Marketing automation made easy

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be intimidating. Columnist Mary Wallace explains how to select the right tool and offers tips for launching a marketing automation project. Marketing automation, the experts...
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