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Become a Publisher

Are you looking to monetize your website, newsletter or blog? Now PPCmate has a solution for you! Sign up for a Publisher account, add new sites and start sending traffic.  It’s so easy.   What traffic...

Click Referrer IP updated

Dear Advertisers, We have added a new IP address for the custom Click Referrer.  You will have to delete the old IP addresses and add the new one. Please create the following A record in the DNS settings:

10 mistakes content marketers make

Content marketing is big business these days. It’s a huge element of online marketing and has become a favored lead generation tactic for many businesses, with good reason. And, it’s not an easy task. There’s more...

V2 is officially here!

Dear Advertisers, We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new advertising platform – V2.  The new platform offers additional traffic types with multiple advertising networks. For more info please...

It’s scary how many ways SEO can go wrong

In search engine optimization, sometimes even small errors can have a large and costly impact. Columnist Patrick Stox shares his SEO horror stories so that you can be spared this fate. We’ve all had those moments of...

How to start making profits from PPC campaigns

Ask any advertiser if their PPC cost is too high, and you will most likely get a resounding, “Yes!” The cost per click is a result of an auction. The number of advertising slots in Google is limited. Advertisers,...

3 ways to make triple the revenue

Few doubts remain: Digital marketing is central to reaching and qualifying potential B2B customers. But to do digital well, companies can’t just “phone it in” when it comes to the sales conversation. The...