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6 hacks in building an outstanding SaaS
marketing strategy


Now that your SaaS product is ready to go live, you are excited to get your very first customer on-board. But have you actually considered the strategies that you should be implementing?

Getting from 0 to a million customers is every entrepreneur’s dream. And to be able to achieve those results, you need to be able to execute the right growth hack strategies:

1. Focus on SEO

Make sure that your target market finds your business. You can start by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO).

This does not have to be an overly long and complicated process. The foundation of having a strong SEO is to create a site that has relevant, highly targeted keywords. 

Consider the terms which your website is already found for, you can also use a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics to find which search terms your previous web visitors used to find you. This is something that we do at VoyMedia Marketing Agency for SaaS Companies.

Once you have identified the right keywords that work best for your SaaS product, ensure that you use them correctly on your site.

You might also want to consider other factors that will make your site work well on search engines such as internal links, page loading time, use of descriptions, titles, and so on.

2. Leverage Content Marketing

Content is key in driving organic search results.

Properly educating users with how-to videos, webinars, and relevant blog posts not only generate more traffic to your site but also improves your network.

Before a particular user goes on to try your product, you must describe what your product or service precisely, who are the people you serve, and how your product or service can help your target customers. 

Creating the right content for a specific target group improves your reach and builds customer trust. 

3. Run PPC Campaigns

One of the best ways to generate leads is to run PPC campaigns. Here are some tips that you could follow to generate the maximum amount of leads:

  • Target low competition keywords. When you target high competition keywords, your cost per click (CPC) will also be higher, draining all your budget. You could also offer downloadable content in exchange for a sign-up.
  • Run sponsored social media posts. This includes sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other marketplaces like BuySellAds. Doing so allows you to maximize your sign-ups even with a limited budget. Sponsored posts are a great way to increase engagement in your content, as well as direct people to your website rather than letting them like or share your post. 

4. Offer Free Trial

Of course, we have all heard about the saying that nothing comes for free. But in the world of SaaS, where customers are not spending too much on hardware and software, you have to give a slice of your cake for free. 

Giving your prospects a free trial for a limited number of days is effective in customer retention and maintaining engagement. Since you’re lowering the barrier of entry, it’s your best shot to make users spend more time on your product. Now, it’s all up to the quality of the product that you could offer to customers.

Offer a free trial version of your product that solves most of the pain points of your market. If all goes well, customers will keep on coming back, asking you for free trial extensions or consider paying a monthly or annual subscription. Moreso if they’re already satisfied with your products and service. 

5. Incentivize Referrals

Referrals are a gold mine in marketing. Nothing creates trust in a product more than knowing that it is already been used by someone that your prospects know personally. 

To generate more referrals for your SaaS business, consider incentivizing them. However, this requires balance.

If you go too heavy on incentives, the quality of your leads goes down. That’s because people would recommend your product or software to anyone they know regardless of their suitability, just to claim the incentive. 

To reduce the chance of having poor quality referrals, you have to be clear on what counts as a referral, what kind of leads are useful, and explain that those incentives are only to be paid for real referrals. 

6. Get Into a Partnership

Sponsoring a product, getting into a partnership, or becoming an official partner are just some of the ways where your company can create an excellent user base. 

Working with a reputable product not only boosts your notability, but it also builds customer trust by working in collaboration with a product that they are using. 

Over to You

Growth hacking provides your company with lots of opportunities for faster growth, but it does not mean that there is no effort involved.

A dedicated and concerted effort is crucial to pull off a growth strategy. You also need to truly understand your industry, as well as your target market.