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Popularity of WordPress as a preferred platform for CMS needs hasn’t gone down a bit over the years. Users are only mounting with thousands of new blogs being set up every new day.

While setting up your website with WordPress, You have two options; both enticing enough, especially due to their features and offerings. is a self-hosted environment where you need to buy the hosting services and also register for the domain name. But that is just about the pain for the startling features that you get in exchange.

To begin with, you have the option of adding customized themes. There is no restriction on the number either. When you are setting up a blog via WordPress, you may not want to spend needlessly and that’s where gives you the option of adding more functionality in the form extensions and plugins.

Timely blog maintenance is often required but you have everything under your control. Site data, files and folders can be accessed anytime besides managing the blog the way you want.

Monetization freedom is another plus with Define your banners, promo events and sell ads without any restrictions on the blog. on the other hand, lets you relax a bit. Free domain name as per their nomenclature and they take care of the hosting part as well. You can always upgrade if you wish to define your own name.

Only default themes and no plugins can be added on a blog.
Files and folder access too lies with their team. Monetization is restricted as well and you can’t resort to selling ads unless you have taken their premium plan.

However blog maintenance and having to keep technical hands under you, is something you don’t have to worry about as they take care of all.

This infographic clearly defines their key features. Take a look



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