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10 ways to increase pageviews with your content strategy

Good advice is timeless as is the information in this infographic. Diana Adams of BitRebels put together a list 10 Ways to Supercharge the Pageviews On Your Postsand NowSourcing turned it into a beautiful infographic.

The advice is straightforward:

  1. Post good content frequently (yes, I know we’ve been off during the holidays).
  2. Make your posts shareable – we love Easy Social Share for WordPress!
  3. Use Tools for Content Creation – we have alerts setup for a number of topics via Meltwater and really love the depth and timeliness of the information we get to share.
  4. Accept Guest Writers – but BEWARE!
  5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is still important but don’t overdue it. Here are steps we take to optimize our posts.
  6. Edit & Proofread Every Word Before It’s Published – Oops… we fail here. I had a couple of doozies on my last post that I just fixed. We’ve toyed with the idea of having an editor, perhaps this year!
  7. Link Building (But Not the Way You Think) – I like the term link earning fromSite Strategics. They discuss relevant internal links to drive more pageviews – we like Jetpack’s related posts functionality for that!
  8. Email Marketing The Right Way – that’s why we built and use CircuPress!
  9. Break up a Long Post – We need to do more of those but I’ll be honest, I hate the 10+ click articles that are just driving pageviews and irritating your readers.
  10. Use Social Media Creatively – If we had more time, we’d definitely work on better representative featured images for our posts and then utilizing each social outlet effectively.

by Douglas Karr
source: MarketingTechBlog

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